Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie…Oi Oi Oi!

They say you don’t get anything for nothing in this life. That’s not always true….

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at 1000 heads, who are currently working on a fabulous project in conjunction with NSW Tourism – the Awesome Tour of Sydney.

Sydney They selected a handful of like minded bloggers with an interest in travel, and have offered us the chance to win a FREE holiday to Australia, plus another one to offer as a prize for YOU, my lovely readers. How very awesome is that??

Over the next 6 weeks we’ll be set a whole load of fun challenges which are set to show the many different faces of Sydney. The overall winner receives one pair of tickets for them, plus one for their community.

So every week, I’ll post up the details on here, and I’m hoping you will comment and mesage me with some fabulous ideas.

Why should you help me?

What’s in it for you??

A free holiday, thats what! I will put all the names of the people who come up with suggestions in a (very pretty) hat and pick a winner. And that winner and a friend get to go to Oz!

Exciting stuff huh? And the first challenge is coming straight up….

Get your thinking hats on Lovelies! x

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