Power boxing

I’ve always been quite inquisitive about power plates – are they for lazy people who can’t be bothered to exercise or clever people who are just looking to tone up?

I became one of those clever people (obviously) when I went to try out Power Boxing at Harrods Power plate studio last week – and not only did I actually break a sweat I must have toned up too – given that I could hardly walk the next morning.

Located in Harrods department store, it takes place in a tiny studio just big enough for four people and four power plates. Starting off on the plates we warmed our bodies up with various exercises while the plates vibrated underneath us.

It felt a little weird to start with – like being on a rollercoaster that was going nowhere! But I quickly got used to it and got in with its rhythm.

The instructor then went on to teach us different boxing techniques, which we took in turns to do on the floor while the rest of the group were on the plates doing various exercises, such as lunges and abdominal crunches.

The instructor really pushed us to punch harder and focus while punching and sparring – then it was back on to the power plates to keep going. We finished with various cool down stretches on the power plate – while it apparently vibrated away our cellulite – which was great because I had to get in a bikini the week after!

Done in various short workouts (around two minutes) it was varied enough to forget you’re even working out. And before I knew it the 25 minute workout was over with – and just when I’d started having fun!

Power Plate® Boxing is available at 4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Power Plate Studio at Harrods, London.

Book on 020 7893 8518 or visit

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