Powerclubs! Look, our MSalonen is on TV….

by MSalonen

As you may or may not know, I am not only the queen of the bitch, but I also RULE the gym. I am naturally very thin, so I have to work on my body to keep it as it is, lean and mean. I train at the gym four to five times per week and do few 10k runs every so often to make it more interesting. The gym can get a little tedious, so I of course have my own personal trainer, Vanessa, who is totally hardcore. She keeps coming up with new things to try and keep me from getting bored. A month or so ago, I got a very exciting email. Vanessa had been invited to do a show for The Active Channel about training with Powerclubs and she had decided that I should be part of the crew. OMG! Now I was going to be on tv, in shorts and tank top. I ate my last jar of nutella and headed back to the gym.

I am not going to go into detail about the show except that it’s fabulous. We rocked the day. You can see us work it on The Active Channel (Sky 281) or of course online too.

Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

As I don’t actually know any facts (I don’t listen), I have asked my Personal Trainer, Vanessa Bird, to give you all the info. My physique is partly down to my long hours at the gym and partly due to her constant motivation, programming and inspiration to keep it on straight and narrow. She runs her own PT business and you can have a look at her site here.  Her contact details are there too, so feel free to get in touch. I must warn you, Vanessa is the sweetest girl I know, but once she takes hold of your workouts, you are royally screwed.

Vanessa says:

“PowerClubs are a hybrid of Indian clubs (used for mobility, rehabilitation & flexibility) and kettlebells (used for functional strength, power & hypertrophy)”

“The offset weight at the end of the clubs produces a torque effect & by controlling the acceleration and deceleration you work the body hard. They can reduce body fat, build and shape muscle, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase grip strength, improve power & strength, and increase mobility and tendon and ligament strength. Excellent for full body workouts, extremely versatile & more challenging than kettlebells.”

“The fact you can change the position of your grip to alter the perceived weight of the club makes them versatile and affordable.”

So there you have it. Have a look at the show and let us know what you think. I am the one with the quiff.

Msalonen “Buns of steel”

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