Products I Can't Live Without…by MSalonen

It doesn’t come easy, looking the way I look.

My bathroom is stocked like a regional branch of Harvey Nics.

I really don’t have any brand loyalty & currently the bathroom selves are stocked with Elemis, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, Darphin, Origins, Neal’s Yard, Johnson’s and a whole lot more.

Here is the evidence (shows about 25%)

However, I started thinking this weekend as I was looking at the over loaded bathroom shelves. What if a very mean and ugly person came to my house and insisted that I get rid of 97% of my products? What would I choose to keep?

This got me thinking (it’s amazing how your mind works at 4.34am). I started to panic, cold sweat running down my face, speedy breathing, body shakes. How can I choose my favorite products from my collection? How? How? HOW!

Please don’t take the Gay away from his products.

Anyway. Before I hyperventilate, these are the products I realised I could not survive without…

My favorite cleanser:
Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil £26

I have never been a big fan of cleansing oils, until I found this one. Used to play with Dermalogica’s “Precleanse”, which was OK, but I think it may have something like Lavender in it. And I HATE lavender. And ginger. HATE! UGH! It is revolting. Having said that, I am quite fond of some new oils I recently got from Elemis. Lovely. The morning one is a Rose oil and evening one is Lavender.  So maybe I don’t hate lavender as much as I thought… Must investigate further.

My favorite daily scrubber:
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant £25ish

Rice powder, or something like that. Just amazing. Really deep clean. Feels like rice putty. Smells a bit off, like a wet rice field, but as long as you don’t use for more than 3min at one go, you will be able to manage the stench. I would strongly advice using this product in the garden with a bucket of water.

My favorite weekly scrubber:
Origins “Never A Dull Moment” £23

Honey, I dropped the honey, but its ok, I made it into a paste! Simply the best scrub to come out of a jar ever. Unfortunately, Origins have now changed the packaging into a tube. #FAIL

It was SO decadent before, the little jar of goo. It smells divine, like spreading sunshine paste on your skin. You can’t be having a dull day after using this in the morning.

Don’t let the dull people take your color away.

My favorite daily moisturizer:
Bobbi Brown Protective Face Lotion SPF 15 £31

There is something about having your moisturizer in a pump. Loves it. Feels more special. This is Bobbi’s (or Bob as I like to call her) mid range Moisturizer. Its great as its got SPF15, which is important when you get to my age. The sun is evil. The sun is devils work. The sun feels nice on the skin, but skip SPF now and pay the horrendous consequences later in life (aka “the Versace effect”). Slip, slap and slop.

You tend to foget about SPF in the winter, but you shouldn’t. So please invest in an face cream that does everything. Makes your skin smooth and protects it from the evil sun. Also on the plus side, this cream is light weight, sinks in quickly and smells of nothingness. Bingo.

My favorite “special” moisturizer:
Darphin Arovita C Energic firming cream £45ish

As much as I like Bob’s cream, sometimes the skin is looking little less perfect. Fast forward me to a Saturday morning, after entertaining trannies and old people in Soho the night before. I wake up, my eyes wont open as I have most likely forgotten to take my contacts out. I slide off the bed, try not to wake up the sleeping hunk next to me. Vibrate to the bathroom and look in the mirror. Staring back is not the usual me, but a grey version. I look revolting when tired. So, I wash my face and scoop some of this cream up. LUSH! It gives you that instant boost that you need on those grey mornings. For extreme emergencies, see below.

My favorite eye cream:
Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm £22ish

Simply te best eye cream in the entire world. Does what it says in the tube. Goes a long way and also come in a lip treatment, I think.

Think of it as 8hour cream for your eyes only. Its that good. I seriously vouch for this little silver tube. Its amazing. Much like any other of the multivitamin powerfirm products. The mask is incredible. (Oooh. Should have added “my favorite mask”. Well, there you have it already. Looks the same, silver tube just bigger).

Back to eye cream! It spreads like paste, disappears into the eye area and “sticks”. Really smooth everything out. Like a mini iron for the eye area. Leaves you feeling refreshed and very open eyed.

My favorite nectar:
Darphin 8-Flower Nectar £75ish

This is it. The miracle potion that will lift your skin and mood when it is a proper emergency. Smells of flowers and bees and all sorts. Spreads on like gold juice and is most likely one of my favorite products ever. EVER. Def worth every penny.

My favorite night cream:
Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream £90

Now then, as we all know nightcream is one of the most important things you can buy to help your face. All day long, we put our faces through a storm of pollution, crap, make up (not me) etc. You cleanse at night time (I hope) and then you need to layer on a good nightcream that will do its thing while you sleep. This potion from Elemis is most likely the best nightcream I have ever used. It says that it will do all sorts of magic, and while I’m not too sure about all the data stuff and facts, it really does work. Very light, almost fluffy texture. Feels great and spreads easy. Leaves your skin feeling nourished and happy. Worth the £90 price tag. Expensive? Yes. Amazing? Yes. Trust me on this one.

My favorite shower gel:
The Original Source White Pear and Avocado £2

I don’t believe in spending ridiculous amounts of cash on whats essentially SOAP! Why spend silly money when this baby does the job? Smells divine, seriously the best smell on a shower gel ever. I loathe things that smell of lemon, lime etc. They just smell like toilet cleaner.

Plus most often The Original Source stuff is buy one, get one free. Bonus. I love it. Makes me very happy in the mornings. (Yes, ladies. It’s the little things)

My favorite body lotion:
Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir £38

Decadent. Smells of paradise. Spend money on this, skin will be smooth and irresistible. Enough said.

And this week I have been joined by Will M (the hunk in the bed) a Freelance makeup artist, to give you all the tips about…lips!

You should make note, he really knows what he is talking about..

Want to be kissed? Have kissable lips please. Thank you.

Stay away from the good ol’ Vaseline type stuff. It’ll only make your lips dependant and hooked on it like Whitney and her crack. Look for natural ingredients to keep your lips happy. Think Angelina Jolie (Smokey eye and no colour on lip, just moisture)

La mer lip balm (minty) £36

Bobbi lip balm (long wearing) £13,50

MAC lip balm £10.50 (with tint) and £9.50 (clear)
Neal’s yard lip balm £6,50

And that’s it for now ladies. See you next week!

M x

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  • Reply
    August 7, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    “very mean and ugly person”… LOL x

    I could probably just about survive aloe vera johnsons baby oil, and a vaseline. I use them as cheapo versions of pretty much everything 😉

  • Reply
    Susan Perry
    August 7, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Love it! But sweetie, how can you live without Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum (by night) and Idealist (pre-moisturiser, by day)? x

  • Reply
    August 9, 2010 at 8:41 am


    Thanks for the tips, shall look into it! 🙂 x

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