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It’s National Burger Day! Our Roundup of the Best Deals

If you were paying attention yesterday(!) you’ll already know that today is National Burger Day. Which is a thing of brilliance, obviously.

Unlike most National Days, which just pop up for no apparent reason and with no real benefit for anyone, #NationalBurgerDay does something a bit special and actually offers you an incentive to try both classic and special creations. Yup, restaurants around the country have jumped on board and are offering a delicious 20% off their burgers, for today only. All you have to do is go here, search for who’s offering what in your area, download a voucher and hop, skip and jump along to enjoy your meat-fest. LUSH.

In the name of research (absolutely not greed), I took a moment or two to investigate what’s going on where, and came across these delights from some of my favourites. Every restaurant participating is offering 20% discount, but some are also giving you a little added extra, so it’s worth taking a look at what each venue has going on. There are hundreds of offers available, but these are just to get you in the mood. As if you weren’t already!

[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]The Black Penny Burger[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″] The Black Penny
3-4 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden WC2B 5AA

The Black Penny are offering a slow-roasted, corn-fed pulled BBQ chicken burger with a rosemary bap and red cabbage, fennel and parsley coleslaw.

Fancy that?

Well, today there’s 20% off. Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Ninth Ward chocolate burger

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Ninth Ward
99-101 Farringdon Rd, Clerkernwell, London EC1R 3BN

At the London half of this NYC/London chain, you can expect beautiful interiors, interesting booze and, errrrrm, an exclusive Chocolate burger! Nope, I can’t imagine it either, but if you want to try one, you can today for just £5.

If you’re a chocoholic, you can’t resist, surely?! Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Blue Boar Bar Burger

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Blue Boar Bar
45 Tothill Street, Westminster, London, SW1H 9LQ

Fancy your burger with a side of FREE?! The Blue Boar Bar in Westminster are giving out free mini burgers outside their bar, or near St James’ tube station today. HOW COOL IS THAT? Very cool. That’s how. You can of course still go in and have a full meal too!

Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Clockjack burger

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Clockjack Oven
14 Denman Street, London, W1D 7HJ

If you love great chicken, Clockjack is for you. And if you love beer? Even better, as for National Burger Day they’re giving away a FREE Huber beer with every burger ordered. Not bad, huh? Definitely one to consider if you’re in Soho. Just maybe not on your lunchbreak if your boss is a bitch.

Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Yeah! Burger National Burger Day

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Yeah! Burger at Star of Kings
126 York Way, London N1 OAX

One for the more adventurous palate, the Yeah! Burger #NationalBurgerDay offering is the exclusive Avocado Ice-Cream and Candied Bacon Burger in collaboration with gelato connoisseurs Hackney Lick. It’ll only set you back £8 today. Dive in!

Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Studio Kitchen K West burger

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Studio Kitchen at K West Hotel
Richmond Way, London W14 0AX

If you live or work in West London, this dine-in option might be the one for you. The Studio Kitchen at the stylish K West Hotel have launched the ‘Smoked Old Fashioned Burger’ which is served with Whisky battered Onion rings + Sweet Potato Fries…AND a mini cocktail…for £15.50.

Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Dirty Bones National Burger Day

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Dirty Bones
20 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8 4EP

This looks INCREDIBLE. The Bob Marley Burger from Dirty Bones consists of spicy Jerk Chicken with fresh mango & pineapple salsa for £8.50. Whatever the crappy unpredictable weather is like in London, this is bound to warm you up and bring some sunshine to your world!

Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Heddon Street Kitchen nationalburgerday

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Heddon Street Kitchen
3–9 Heddon St, London W1B 4BE

Oh, just look at that, Gordon Ramsay is getting involved too! His Heddon Street Restaurant is offering 20% off what are bound to be mouthwatering burgers. Grab yourself a delicious bite if you’re anywhere near Regents Street today.

Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Honest Burgers #NationalBurgerDay

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Honest Burger
189 Portobello Road, London W11 2ED or any Honest location

I’m a big fan of Honest Burgers at Portobello (we’ve written about them twice before) so am pleased to see them on the list, and only wish I was in Notting Hill tomorrow. Get 20% off your burger, and maybe try the new special while you’re there? It’s a burger topped with smoked bacon, Honest guacamole, Swiss cheese and Harissa mayonnaise and served with rosemary salted chips (£11.50 before discount). My God this is making me hungry.

Download your voucher here.


[row][column class=” col-sm-4″]Hache Burgers NationalBurgerDay

[/column][column class=” col-sm-8″]Hache Burgers
329-331 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW10 9QL or any Hache location

I will never forget my first Hache Burger, which was eaten in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital while my little bubba was in there (he’s 100% fine now!). It was a crappy situation, but a blinking lovely burger. They’re part of the 20% deal, so get involved and enjoy the deliciousness!

Download your voucher here.


So…there you go. Some of our favourite burger joints on offer for #NationalBurgerDay. There are hundreds more to choose from, including gems from the likes of Tom’s Kitchen, CAU, Patty & Bun, Maze Grill, STK and Smiths of Spitalsfield, as well as chains like GBK, Ed’s Easy Diner and Burger specialists like MeatLiquor. In fact, there are so many BRILLIANT places to choose from, I suggest you have a browse.

I think this is my favourite day of the year.




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