Wine Club, Anyone?

I think we all know how important extra-curricular activities are, but I don’t think this club is going to take much coercing to join. London’s newest wine club has just been launched, bringing with it an unrivalled selection of wine – straight to your front door.

London’s top Sommeliers have joined forces to give access to top quality wines that are typically only found at the best restaurants.  Our choice of wine is generally somewhat limited, whether we make our selection from the recommendation of a friend, or unfortunately if you’re me, what’s on offer at Sainsbury’s. opens up a whole new world of wine discovery to ensure now only the best will be with you on a Friday night after work, chosen by those who are really in the know.

What separates TheWineClub from its counterparts is the embracement of social media. These aren’t just any top sommelier’s, these sommeliers will be giving you weekly recommendations, answering your wine related woes and sharing the latest trends onwines all through the beauty of Facebook and Twitter.  The interactive aspect gives the whole experience a much more personable feel – a case of wine chosen by you with the help and advice of experts, all from the comfort of your own home.

TLL was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of at the gorgeous Searcy’s venue in the Gherkin. After meeting Danny Kaljee, the founder, as well as some of the sommeliers, you can really sense the dedication that whole team have in sharing their knowledge and the enjoyment they gain from helping people discover new wines. I like a glass of wine, but like many I’m no connoisseur. In saying this, I really did notice the difference it can make to a meal if the wine is specifically chosen. By being part of the you can use the knowledge of people like Danny, and gradually enhance your own.

So sign up for free and get out with the old and with the new. Over 150 bottles of wine will be available with cases ranging from £50-£100. Learn, share and enjoy.


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