The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Arrive at the River Thames

Rising tide (Jason deCaires Taylor) Thames Horses
Horses Thames Four Horsemen Apocalypse

Rising Tide (image credit: Jason deCaires Taylor)

London is blessed when it comes to art. We house some of the world’s most valuable pieces in our collection of grand galleries, and our landscape is brightened by the incredible talent of street artists. Add to that the temporary installations by artists such as Alex Chinneck and you get the idea that we’re very lucky indeed.

The latest addition to our canvas is a political statement by renowned British underwater Artist, Jason deCaires Taylor.

The installation, called ‘Rising Tide’ features four ghostlike horse sculptures that stand on the bank of the Thames, opposite the Houses of Parliament. However, many won’t notice them, as they only fully appear twice a day during low tide. The rest of the time, they sit, immersed in the muddy water, waiting patiently to rise again.

The bodies and riders of the statues are created from real life, but the horses heads mimic oil pumps – a direct referral to the impact of fossil fuels on our planet. The likeness to the Four Horses of the Apocalypse is no coincidence either. It’s Jason deCaires Taylor’s warning to the Politicians they’re watching of a bleak future if we continue the way we are.

The sculptures were commissioned as part of the Totally Thames Festival, and are made from concrete and steel. They will be in place for a month, so if you want to see this stunning piece of art in all it’s glory, make sure you head along soon. And check the tide, or you might miss them.

You can see an incredible time-lapse video of how the tide affects the art here: New Scientist

Find out more and see more images on Jason deCaires Taylor’s FB page: Jason deCaires Taylor

Rising tide horses (image copyright Press Association)

Rising Tide on the banks of the Thames (image credit Jason deCaires Taylor)

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