Running to the beat

If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ll know that I’m currently training for a half marathon – Run to the Beat, which takes place in Greenwich on Sunday 26th September.

Now I’m relatively fit,  but a half marathon is still a big commitment – you can’t just turn up on the day, without having done any training and hope you won’t collapse two minutes into it.

So for the last few months I’ve been in training. So far, so good – I’m up to 10 miles and hoping to reach 11 miles 10 days before the big day. Plus it gives me an excuse to eat more (which I always like).

Of course I’ve had my hiccups – namely blisters. It’s probably not great that my trainers are more than two years old – but I think I’d be stupid to change them just weeks before the big day. So a fellow twitterer recommended some good trainer socks from The Marathon shop. They’re pretty good, they have a double insoles which cushion your feet and ‘helps’ you not get blisters. Lets just hope they hold up for the big day.

And to help me keep track of my timings Soleus have sent me this lovely pink running watch. It’s mainly designed for 10K runners, but it allows you to track how long you’ve been running for and time laps – just what I needed.  It retails for £50.00 and can currently be purchased at the Runners Need shops in London. 

If all this running talk has got you excited about a bit of exercise but you haven’t got the foggiest about where to start when it comes to running, check out this running website which gives basic tips for beginners. Before you know it you could be doing your first half marathon too.

However if you’re feeling slightly less energetic, but generous, you can sponsor me here  – I’m raising money for a really worthwhile cause – the NSPCC. Or if you fancy a nice morning cheering on some (MAD!) London runners then why not come down to Greenwich on Sunday 26th September.

For more information about Soleus visit the website at 

For more information about Run to the Beat please visit

This post was written by Sarah – follow her on twitter or view her other work.

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