Sensational Cella….

I am still ill.

I have tried to ignore it. It refuses to go away. I have fed it chicken soup. It doesn’t like it. So I’ve given up fighting it and have decided to treat it (and me) to some quality time under the duvet instead…maybe if I’m nice enough to it I will be rewarded….

Luckily, I have something to cheer me up while I’m in this horribly icky state. It’s not the love of a good man…he’s busy working (pah). It’s the fabulous fashion of fantastic designer Rebecca Cella – who has some of the prettiest knitwear designs I’ve seen in a very long time. A sight for sore eyes indeed!


Rebecca creates amazing outfits for the most glamorous stars in London and Ibiza…from daytime dresses to sensational red carpet gowns. I’m blown away by the attention to detail and stunning selection of yarns. The collection can be found in some of the worlds finest boutiques, or you can visit Rebecca in one of her two studios in London and Ibiza and get your very own bespoke garment made.


Celebrity fans include the GORGEOUS Nichole Scherzinger, and I can absolutely see why. Rebecca Cella puts an absolute touch of class into her designs and her recent recognition buy the Fashion Mag Gods is totally deserved.

The collection makes me so happy I almost forgot about the sandpaper in my throat. Almost!!

The best bit of news yet is that Rebecca has offered you lovely lot a very generous 15% off all orders… A-MAZ-ING!! Click here for details…and THANK YOU REBECCA!

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