Shoeless?! By Msalonen

I have had a lot of questions about shoes in the past week, so I decided to do a little run down.

Like I mentioned before, all your outfits should start with the shoes. I am being dead serious. You either make or break your entire look with your shoes. Lets make shoes happen! SHOES for EVERYONE!

This is my selection of the best shoes available now.

Dream Heels (the ones you keep dreaming about), Christian Louboutin “Margi Diams 120” £1,250
They are not called “dream heels” for nothing. How many of us can go drop £1,250 on shoes right now? Anyone? Show of hands? Are you waving? You need a dream shoe, something to look forward to, to dream about..

And then one day…one day Dorothy, you will walk in that shop and buy them.

That sales girl might tell you that they were six seasons ago, but that the risk you have to take. UGH!

These puppies are perfect for when you say I do. Be it the first time or seventh. Starlet shoes.

Every day heels (standard heels that go with everything) Kurt Geiger “Brooke” £195
It was either black or beige. Beige isnt a real color, so that got skipped very quickly. Your everyday heel, needs to be high enough to show that you mean business, but not too high so you cant walk (for lessons on how to walk in heels, get in touch and I will teach you).

Best kitten heels
No. Absolutely no way. I can’t. Kitten heels are vile, rank creatures and they should not be worn under any circumstances. If you cant bear to wear a REAL heel, then wear flats. UGH. If you want to wear heels, then do it properly. I curse the day kitten heels were invented.

Best Wedges, Dune “Suitor” £32 (on sale now!!)
Now wedges leave me puzzled, why wear something clunky if you want the extra inches? However, I do not feel as stronly about wedges as I do of kitten heels. Plus I saw these. Kinda cute. Nautical. Wear with jeans, shorts or a white dress. The wedge is quite thin, this pleases me. Colors of France remind me of recent trip to Paris. Great start to a new heights. Practise with these and take it from there. Word of warning, keep your ankles safe! One twist, and its game over.

Best Flats, Urban Outfitters Woven “Skimmer” Flats £14.99
I am not the biggest fan of flat shoes (you may have noticed this already). Why bother wearing flats when you can hoist yourself up, lengthen your legs and walk with a wiggle? This confuses me. I do get that tall girls can feel uncomfortable about heels (jada jada jaaa). Just slip on the heels and walk tall. Seriously.

However, as I promised “shoes”. I must cater to the flat wearers around me (boring). And in fact, these are lovely. If you are going to wear flats, make then interesting. Plus they’re on SALE right now. 50% off. GO GO GO!

The best Ankleboots, Kandee “Dippa Stick” Ankle Boots £99 (Bargain!)
I have gone back and forth with these. Should I do CL, JC, MB or some other high end designer lovely. As I was browsing numerous sites, I came across and HELLO LOVELIES!

Well, to be honest, not that many pairs caught my eye, but these shoeboots sure did. Not quite patent, not quite shiny. However, they look like the have been dipped in oil. 5 inch heel, half an inch platform. Perfect.

Loving the yellow heel, something new. Interesting. These will take you from boardroom to cocktails. Just dont scuff the heels up or I’ll kill you.

The best party heels, Dsquared2 £240
Every woman needs a good silver strappy sandals. They are worth spending money on as you will wear them over and over again. I chose the Canadian twins version as the heel is a little sturdier, for those night that tequila becomes your best/worst friend at 3am. Shiny “laminated” heel, silver straps. Utter gorgeousness. Will work with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresser…the lot. An investment!

Boots, Christian Louboutin “Babel 100” £995
I swear, I tried and tried. I searched and searched. Looked on pretty much every shoe site there is, but kept coming back to these. I wanted to find a cheaper option, but decided that these are worth every penny. Total boot heaven. Imagine what it feels like to have one thousand pound worth of leather wrapped around your foot. Amazing.

Knee high, four inch heel. Also come in chocolate brown. This is total 9 to 5 dream in the making. If I was a girl, I would skip eating for as long as I had to so I could buy these. Smokes and coffee. Thats the plan!

Gladiators, TopShop “Pancho” £90
I go back and forth with gladiators. Should they be flat or high? But since it’s me that’s doing the typing…today they shall be high. This style comes back every spring/summer,  so it’s worth investing. Spend a little extra and get a pair that last for few seasons. Plus if you buy clever, you can then team them up with your favourite black trousers and little fur come the winter chill.

Best “my skinny jeans” shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti £195 (on sale at
You know what I mean, right? You have that pair of jeans, that you save for your “skinny” days. You pull them on every so often, to see if they fit. Of course they dont, so you keep dieting and doing the Jane Fonda.

Anyway, you need shoes like that too. Shoes that pinch your feet, rub so you get blisters and pretty much leave your feet mangled after few hours of wearing them. BUT, when you slide them on again a few weeks later, you forget the pain and instantly remember why you bought them. They make you walk a little taller, make your legs look longer and they hide that bunion really well. Treat yourself to some shoes you only wear when you go out with the girls. You deserve them.

And there, I think that’s it. All the shoes you need (for now).

I trust you ladies can find your own trainers if necessary. I cant be doing with those. Just steer away from Ugg boots (should only be worn picking up milk from the corner shop), FitFlops (get your ass in the gym), kitten heels (I have no words) and anything with laces (a no go for shoes) and you will be fine.

If you need any more help, do get in touch. Oh, and please feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts on these beauties!


Style Master, Msalonen

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    July 20, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    I have to agree with you on the kitten heel M. I had a tragic incident with a pair from Zara a few years back. Let’s just say I arrived to a tiny Thai restaurant 30 min late for a reservation, caught the edge of kitten heel on marble floor, knocked a man out of his chair and ran out of the restaurant half crying / half laughing but full on hyperventilating. Never again.

    At 5’9″ I wore a pair of 4.5″ BCBG stilettos out this past weekend. I was tallest girl at the club but you ween out all the rubbish gene-cursed men anyways. Saw myself in pictures and thought I could go even higher.

    Keep the style and witty banter coming. Love it.

    Bisous x

  • Reply
    July 21, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I’m a fickle shoe lover! Very glad to see that I am not going to be banished to social siberia due to my choice in shoes. Love the black everyday heels (cos I have 2 pairs) and the flat pumps (cos I have about 7 pairs)and the black high heel boot (sadly I only have 1 pair). The fitflops made me giggle … who wears those?! Fabulous shoe choices, but I must admit *whispers* I’m not too fond of wedges either.
    Keep bringing us the fashion beauty, babe! Love it!

  • Reply
    July 21, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    You have no idea what a HUGE sigh of relief I just did at the blank area under ‘Kitten heels’..glad you acknowledged that they exist..but remarked that they shouldn’t 🙂

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