Shop of the Week…by MSalonen

The first post for this week is dedicated to TopShop.

There aren’t many shops that I can think of the cater for such a wide section of shoppers. I recently visited the one on Oxford Street with my cousin, who is 16 and I thought she was going to faint. With all the possibilities. I had to hold her down as she started foaming in the mouth.

The thing with Topshop is that they do cater for everyone, from a 14 year old school girl to a 40 something mom.

I spent one afternoon with a colleague searching for  the perfect playsuit, we did find it and it was CHEAP. She may have teamed it up with CL’s and some real diamonds, but the fact remains…Her goodies were wrapped in Topshop jersey!

If you are going to brave it and actually visit the store. There is NO good time to do it. It’s always busy, always manic and always stuffed to the rims with smelly teenagers. The only way to avoid the crowds is to take the morning off and go early. Or, do what I tend to do, and order online.

Try it on at home with proper lighting and your fav mirror and if it still looks like shit, send it back. OR better yet, call me. I will come, sort thru the crap and make you look like million bucks! CASH only tho. Or if you prefer, buy me something pretty in return for my help. I am easy (but NEVER cheap!)

Here are few things that caught my eye this morning. All out now.

Annex high leg ankle boots £90

I mean really, chocolate brown lushness. OMG! These should have been in my shoes list few weeks back.

Loving the high leg, proper heel. Team them up with your black skinny jeans, tank top, cape, some jewels and GO! (just don’t do Katie Price, no one likes a tart) Speaking of tart, I had an AMAZING blueberry tart at the Nordic Bakery this week. You should all go and visit ASAP. Like seriously.

Harvey plaited strap sandals £16

I know its getting a little late to be buying summer sandals. However, these are bloody cute. Plaited things always catch my eye. Unusual. Not quite sure why. Maybe because I can’t plait my own hair. Hmmm. Interesting. Maybe I will crack this one someday.

Mesh Cut Out dress £40

Every girl has a little tart in them, yes? And if not, then this dress will be perfect to bring it out. LBD, with the twist. Well, maybe a lack of it, as there is clearly some fabric missing. Amazing. Loves it. Little tricky for girls with GIANT breasts, but you figure something out, right?

Right length to cover the legs enough to be able to have some sheer panels. You ladies should know this by now…If your legs are out, then cover up those puppies and vice versa!

Shrunken ruched sleeve blazer £55

It’s the color of porridge Mama Salonen makes with some berries. Neutral, but not grey (which isn’t a color anyway). Perfect with some jeans, boots and a messenger bag thrown over your body. Maybe a silk scarf in a fun color to jazz it up a bit? You go figure it out.

Knitted stripe cardigan £35

For crying out loud, TopShop is really throwing a lot of goodies my way. This cardi is just awesome. Wear it over a blouse to work, or a tank top even, depending on where you work. On the weekend  team it up with a t-shirt and baggy jeans. Sorted.

Short ruched sleeve shirt £18

Apparently it is all about “ruched” this morning. This little number…ooooh. Black, short, ruffles. Amazing. What more could you want. Perfect little work number, with a pencil skirt for the perfect office look. With some jeans on the weekend for brunch.

Works fabulously casual or fancy. Plus all for £18, perfect.

Tapered woven trousers £32

Yeehaa! Fall is quickly approaching and we all need some good trousers to keep you going..these are fabulous on a whole new level. With those sandals for now and then some proper boots as the days get colder. With a white shirt, hmmm, and possibly a waistcoat…

Mini car hair straightener £10

TopShop hair? Who knew? I am puzzled.

And that is it! This has not been a PR pitch, I personally decided that TopShop will be the shop that starts “Shop of the week”.

I truly think they do a great job in catering for all sorts of girls and it is def worth the visit, but like I said.. I would do it with a glass of wine, from your couch, or call me and I will come and stop you from drowning while you foam at the mouth.

Until next time, StyleMaster Msalonen (

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    Ann Wilson
    August 3, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    Wish you were closer so that I could make use of your skills 🙂

  • Reply
    August 3, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Oh Ann, one day soon!!! I promise!!

  • Reply
    August 4, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Nice work Marko! I just wish Top Shop was out here!! Tell them to hurry and open up here! X

  • Reply
    August 6, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Love those boots!! I was always scared of topshop. Too many ways to go really, really wrong. I should have dragged karen or you there with me to get me looking london!

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