Show Me Your Bras, Ladies!

So, it’s no secret that at the moment, my boobs are the bane of my life. They are pesky, useless and painful and quite frankly, good for nothing.

I haven’t worn a bra for weeks (except for the super soft ahh bras in emergencies!) and I look at my extensive underwear collection in disdain, knowing that it’s rather unlikely I will ever be wearing some pieces again. Shame. They’re very pretty (mostly…)

But even before the “issues” with my rack, in all truth, I probably only wore 20% of the bra’s I own. Some aren’t so comfy. Others just get forgotten about. I have some left over from pre-boob job (GRRRR), tucked away at the back for absolutely no reason at all. They just lurk there, wasting precious space.

There’s not really anything to do with old bra’s though, is there? I mean, we pay decent money for them, so aren’t all that keen on just throwing them away, even if they do never see the light of day. They’re an intimate undergarment – we don’t just want to throw them in with the daily trash. It’s not the sort of thing you can recycle either, is it? I mean, you don’t take your underwear to the charity shop, do you?

Yes. You do now.

I’ve just learnt about The Big Bra Hunt, a smashing campaign brought to you by Oxfam. They have done the research and found that like me, most women have numerous unused bra’s laying around with nothing to do. They also know that in developing countries, many women go without bra’s through lack of supply and the expense and complexities of making them.

So. What are they doing to help?

They are calling on us to delve into our drawers and donate any bras we may not wear anymore. They will them donate the underwear to the Frip Ethique project in Senegal which sorts and trades second hand clothes and provides employment for local women.

It’s a lovely idea, and I encourage you to get involved. Bag up those bras and drop them into your local Oxfam store, or if you don’t have the time or a local store near you, log on to the website here and sort it out online.

They’re hoping to receive over 1 million donations over the next month, and I don’t see why they can’t achieve it. Some bra’s will remain in the UK, but the majority will be sent to help empower women in the most deserving parts of the world, and make them feel special and good about themselves.

Now, isn’t that what we all want? x

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