Simply Incredible Body Art…

My passion for art that’s slightly unexpected has really been fired up these last few weeks, with the remarkable pieces of street art we’ve featured quite frankly blowing my mind.

So when I was shown this image of Venom (Spiderman’s arch-enemy, if you didn’t know) I was suitably impressed.

This image is by Georgette at Devious Art Studios, a professional body painter. It’s interesting as it changes so much with different views. Can only imagine how many hours it took…

This piece of work inspired me to look into body art a little further. Of course, I’ve seen the average stuff, but I wanted to see what else could be done.

I particularly love “Speed” by Craig Tracy. He says that the model, Cara, has Olive skin and waist length hair so it was special due to the huge transformation. I also love how it’s such an opposite image of venom, above.

Body Paint | Craig Tracy | SPEED

Click here to see the half-painted model, so you can see just how much work has been done.

Last but not least, I fell in love with this crocodile skin work from Artist Emma Hack. It’s painstakingly done, and I just adore the  overall image…complete with baby croc.

Amazing, isn’t it? These people are so bloomin’ clever. Let me know if you spot any other fantastic images, I’d love to see x


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    Lynette / Net / Boo
    September 18, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    oh my days! I thought the first one, I thought it was art AND like a face mask/hat :-O AMAZE! I am gonna sit n google…blummin’ fantastic xx

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