Something Sparkly…

Now, I know that many of you will be taking it easy after the excesses of Christmas and New Year. Some of you will even be on a detox…or may have even sworn off alcohol for life…

But for those of you who are still up for a cocktail or two, I thought it only fair to share a little secret….SPARKLING VODKA!

I saw in New Year with this delicious new drink from Camitz and I have to say, its delicious. I love Champagne for special occasions or vodka when I’m out, so this was a perfect alternative to both. Try it with your favourite mixer, use it in cocktails or shots – it tastes good and certainly made my night go with a bang!

Camitz is available in loads of London bars now, or from selected retailers including Selfridges and Keep your eye out for the gift bags too…they would make a great party treat or present.

There are some fab recipes for cocktails over at the Camitz website...but here’s one of my favourites to get you started. Enjoy! (Remember kids – drink responsibly, blah blah)

Camitz Sparkling Cosmopolitan
glass – Martini
parts / ingredients
1 / 10 Cointreau / triple sec
1 / 10 Freshly squeezed lime juice
4 / 10 Cranberry juice
4 / 10 Camitz Sparkling Vodka
Lime Wheel for garnishing glass rim
Method: shake all ingredients with ice (except Camitz Sparkling Vodka) and strain into chilled glass. Top carefully with Camitz Sparkling Vodka.
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