Step Live 2012 at London's Southbank

A few weeks ago Step LIVE!, the an annual celebratory event of Step Into Dance showcasing the most talented and committed school dance-groups, was held at the Southbank Centre.

The Step Into Dance programme is a partnership between the Royal Academy of Dance and The Jack Petchey Foundation, which was recently renewed for an additional three years. Step LIVE! is part of the Southbank Centre’s Festival of the World season, as well as Big Dance 2012, hosting numerous dance events throughout the country for all ages, interests and capabilities.

StepLive 2012 (image via

The Step LIVE! groups were selected from the Step Into Dance programme to perform in the Clore Ballroom space, demonstrating talent, dedication and hard work from each young dancer who took part. Involving different schools in the afternoon performance from the morning performance, Step LIVE! featured an opening and closing ceremony, workshops in social dance, African dance and Capoeira in addition to a giant conga line and a flash mob led by Camden School for Girls. A sea of coloured t-shirts and urban dancewear across the Clore Ballroom was an inspirational image, reminding the audience of the vibrancy and variety of dance, surviving despite the Government cuts to the arts sector and the announcements by the Arts Council England which followed these in April 2011. The audience was mixed, with students, children and quite clearly proud parents of those children participating.

A number of hip hop workshops and battles also took place during Step LIVE!, showcasing the immense talent of young people whose passion is for break dance, street dance and hip hop. The collaboration between movement and urban dancewear evoked connotations of popular hip hop dance films such as Step Up and Honey. The picture below is courtesy of Step LIVE!

The sheer variety of dance ‘events’ which took place in the outdoor space in front of Southbank Centre, regardless of those happening inside the building throughout the day were also means of crowd entertainment. As both an interactive and energetic event, Step LIVE! is a fantastic and fun event for dance fans everywhere, whether they are regular wearers of leotards or not!

This is a sponsored posts – however, we would have written about the event regardless. We love anything happening in London!

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