Suffering from S.A.D? SPEND on color!

My lovies, as we are all very aware the autumn is very much here now, unless of course you are reading this from the Southern Hemisphere. (If you are, please don’t comment, as I am not emotionally stable to hear from people in sunnier climates).

The grey wet days are here and if like me this gets you down, you need to be having some color in your life. It’s odd how people switch from their summer clothes, which usually are colorful and fun, to their winter wardrobe, which most often is browns, greys and blacks. This confuses me. Surely in attempt to banish the autumn blues, it would be beneficial to wear something more colorful? I may be starting a revolution here, but just go with me on this.

You get up in the morning, look outside and its first of all dark at 8am (this is the time I usually start rolling out of bed). Turn the lights on, which will obviously momentarily blind you, drag your tired self into the kitchen, switch on the Nespresso machine and wait. Have I mentioned that I adore my Nespresso machine? I urge you all to investigate and then purchase. I have had mine for few years now and I honestly don’t know how I ever survived without one? Seriously. Its stylish, fits nicely on our kitchen counter (with matching milk frother) and makes the most amazing coffee you can get at home. I have now started to expect everyone to have one, I don’t know how you live without it. It’s become part of my daily routine. I can make coffee at home that’s nicer than any coffee shop, plus cheaper…apart from the “start up” expense! The service is great, always very helpful. You can order your coffee online and it gets delivered quickly. Sorted.

Distracted much? SORRY!

So, you drink your coffee, have your porridge, shower, get dressed, walk the dogs (another routine I suspect everyone does) and get dressed again. Yes, I walk the dogs in “park walking gear” as they are constantly covered in mud.

You go to your wardrobe and start thinking about the day ahead, against all your instincts you choose an outfit all in winter colors. Why? Now, I know it can be daunting going against the grain, but just try it. Promise me that one Monday morning you are going to bring some color into your life. I am not asking you to wear yellow from head to toe of course, and to help you girls, I have searched the shops and found some items that you could use to introduce some splashes of color to those grey, miserable days.

I have just realized that this drabness in clothing is not entirely your fault, most shops are only full of boring colors. Aren’t you happy that you have me to find the pieces to help?

J. Crew Bates Cashmere Sweater £115

To start you all of easy, lets go with a bright blue cashmere from J. Crew. Easy transition. It’s a vivid blue, just doesn’t really show on the pictures annoyingly enough. V-necks are the way forward for many reasons. Reasons that you all should know already, so I won’t go into details. Wear this with  black or grey jeans, shoe boots, Leather jacket, fabulous scarf and gloves. Sorted and ready to go. Next!

Halston Heritage Scarlett Wrap Jacket £469

My Halston Heritage obsession only grew after SJP wore “that” white dress on SATC2. (as we all know the movie was slightly disappointing, but the fashion still ruled). The Halston Heritage is the cheaper version of Halston (a company who was started by milliner Roy Halston Frowick), and features classic American designs. If it is good enough for SJP, it is good enough for all of us. This red wrap jacket ticks all kind of boxes, having said that please don’t wear it with the sweater above, it’s a no go. If this jacket doesn’t lift your spirits when it is pissing down, then nothing will. Make it uber girly with a frilly dress underneath, make it corporate with a pencil skirt (I trust you all now own one), or keep it simple with some great jeans and good heels. Don’t attempt to wear this with flats, it deserves heels. Something sassy.

Christian Louboutin 24 Trous 120 Suede boots £625

Ooooooh, Very nice. I am loving purple this autumn. Now I know it’s not a bright color, but still. Amazingness.  I am wearing my purple cardi today too, this pleases me. Purple is a great way to get started on the color front. It’s not bright and scary, just lovely and lush. The heel on these boots is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. CL is really upping the anti this autumn. I want a pair for me. They are almost like little circus shoes. Loves it. Are you ready to run away with the circus?

Urbanears “medi” headphones £50

Now, I know we’ve mentioned these before but these little guys will be an easy way to add some color into your day. If you really cant face injecting some REAL color, then do yourself a favor and order some Urbanears in a fun shade. They do these in all the colors of the rainbow (yes, I am STILL obsessed) and three different types. I adore mine, sound quality is crispy clear and seriously much more cool than your usual black headphones. I would buy few pairs, so you can team them up with your fav cardi or shoes. The funnest headphones, EVER. This is a fact.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Madder Carmine twill tote £160

Firstly, just £160. Go buy now. Even if you hate it (if you do there is something wrong with you), go buy. NOW! Loving the lips. Loving the color and shape. Its just bloody fabulous. Enough said.

Toy watch Pink Plasteramic watch £135

If you are feeling particularly brave, invest in a Toy Watch. My aquamarine one is a nice stable on my watch rack, and our lovely Editor has a stunning gold one on her wrist most of the time. They are plastic and fun, but do not look cheap. Reminds me of the days gone by when I was a little blonde boy in second grade. Seriously, I had angel hair. Blonde and curly. I used to get away with nuclear warfare as no one would believe I would be naughty. When I was the polar opposite of nice. Mom used to call me Devil Child. Says a lot about her too. Where was I? Oh, yes. Toy Watch. Strongly advise you to buy one. ASAP

So there you have it, all I am asking is a little color in your lives. Just a little. Please. Pretty please with pink sparkles on it.


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