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Guest post by Abbey Penny-father

When I saw an invitation for dinner with Ella Woodward I was ridiculously excited – she is one of my favourite people in the whole of the world wide web. Health food pioneer and a self confessed ‘nut-butter addict’ she has been super influential in changing the way I eat over the past year. She creates incredible recipes devoid of anything which doesn’t nourish the body (this means no sugar, no wheat, no dairy).

But eating this way can be expensive – Whole Food and Deliciously Ella hosted an evening to demonstrate you can eat fully organic and incredibly well on a budget (£59 per week for a couple to be precise). In front of us, a Whole Foods chef and Ella herself whizzed up some oat milk, fresh hummus and avocado pesto – in less than half an hour. This put all of our ‘no time/too busy’ excuses to shame.

We were all dribbling over the delicious food being created in front of us but luckily our dinner was just about to be served. An amazing butternut squash risotto, courgetti (courgette noodles made with a spiraliser obvs) with avocado pesto and a warm kale salad. As the food was twice as healthy as a normal dinner we felt the need to eat twice as much of it and were absolutely stuffed by the end (spaghetti made from courgette is surprisingly filling). Delicious chewy oat cookies and a coconut & raspberry mouse finished the meal – we just managed to squeeze those in!

Ella was more than happy to answer all of our food (and non-food) related questions. Apparently there’s been zero recipe disasters in her life as she eats ‘absolutely anything’ and she still gets told off by her Mum for terrible table manners.

To some people going fully organic seems a bit daunting – Ella reminded us of the ‘Dirty Dozen’, 12 foods which (as a starting point) should definitely bought organic as they soak up the most chemicals and nasties. It was fab to hear organic/healthy food talked about in this way – accessible to everyone.

Educational and delicious! #ThriftyOrganic

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