Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey…

I don’t have a massively sweet tooth. I really don’t like chocolates (weird I know). But there are times when I do like tucking into a hobknob or dunking a digestive in my tea and I even indulge in a bit of cake on occasion…although I’d possibly prefer a steak or a nice bit of cheese…

Anyway. I’ve always felt a bit left out when my friends have received lovely boxes of chocolates from their beaus, and I’ve seen that absolute look of glee on their beautiful little faces as they shove bite after bite of cocoa laden confectionery into their gobs with their sticky little hands….

…& I wouldn’t mind a visit from the milk tray man either.

I digress. I’m happy to say there is now a more original way to surprise someone special in your life, and even non-chocolate-eating-biscuit-likers will love it!

occasions_halloween_boxEdible, cute and personal, Biccies are a new and fun way to show someone you’re thinking about them. Available in lots of different ways, from singles, boxes or bouquets…there are desgns for every occasion possible. And best of all, they’re yummy (I know cause I munched on one!)

I think they’ve been doing this in the US for a while now (remember Kate Hudson munching away on her saboltage cookie bouquet in Bride Wars?) but this is the first time I’ve come across them in the UK.

I’m even considering using them for my birthday invites this year, and I know someone who will be ordering a whole bunch or Halloween treats for the kids. Love ’em!

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    Emma Jones
    September 28, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    Wow they look fab and would be great as presents with christmas coming up, ive always fancied a visit from the MilkTray man too 🙂

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