Spa: Take Time For You, In The Comfort of Your Own Home…

Give me any woman, [or man] who likes pampering that WOULDN’T want a massage in the comfort of his or her own home.

And to be honest, Spa By Car  sounded a little too good to be true.

Many a time I have had a below average massage from spa’s claiming to be top notch, and kindly charging you £70 for the privilege. I’m a tough customer, it has to be said.

Spa by Car have only been going a year, and mostly cover North London at the moment, but do indeed venture to all four corners of London if requested. From the moment I registered on the website, the service was fast, efficient and professional. A damn good start.


Their prices are slightly below that of usual spas, but they do have a minimum payment depending on which area you live in. For instance, for N16, it’s £40. However they also have some good offers to keep costs low, [plus 15% off if you refer a friend, and 10% off their first treatment] there are times when you just have to indulge yourself a little bit!

The masseuse turned up at 2pm on the dot as arranged in her branded Spa By Car vehicle, wearing a uniform and was professional yet friendly from the get go. It really only got better from there readers. She bought everything needed for a relaxing massage. A comfortable massage bed, sweet smelling towels [it’s the little things I find], a burner for the oil to warm it up in, and her own iPod containing appropriate music for the hour. It was literally like taking an exclusive spa right to your front door. A word to the wise, do pick a time in the day when you are unlikely to be rung on your mobile, or have people knocking on your front door. This will no doubt dampen the experience somewhat. A full body massage is one of the most relaxing things in the world if you are so inclined, and as I like my massages rather firm, this is exactly what I got. I was allowed to choose which oil I wanted to use, and I was asked throughout if the pressure being used was comfortable. My muscles were pummelled, stripped down and re built all in the space of 60 mins…and let me tell you. It was bliss.

By the time she got to massaging my head, I had fallen into a trance like state, and was in such a deep sense of relaxation I forgot where I was for a time. This was probably one of the best massages I have had….and believe me folks, I’ve had a lot of massages!

Of course, not everyone likes massages, and there are a range of therapies to try. Facials, manicure’s, pedicures, waxing, threading, hair blow dry and style, eyelash extensions, the list goes on. They are also perfect for pampering parties and hen weekends.

Spa by Car [also on Facebook and Twitter] is a great idea, executed very well indeed. Will I be using them again when I have a wee bit of money to spare? Absolutely. Bring on pay day!

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