Thank God it's Thursday.

Thursdays can sometimes be a little bit of a struggle.

We’ve been working all week. 4 days of stress have built up, but we still have a whole day to get through before you can have a decent lay in.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to bring you a little drop of joy on Thursdays…one heart-warming piece of video that I’ve come across that has made me grin, and reminded me that despite everything, this world can be a pretty nice place to live, actually.

Today, I bring you this incredible proposal from Glendale, USA.

OK, so it’s not new (it was arranged for American TV show “Mobbed” last year) but it is wonderful. And even if you’ve seen it already, hopefully it still brings a tiny smile to your lovely face. And if you hadn’t? I’m pleased to pass it on.

If you liked it…why not share it.

You may just brighten someone’s Thursday. And how nice would that be?


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