The Dark Knight Rises…and we pay homage to badman Tom Hardy. It's only fair.

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I’m excited. I’m off to see The Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX today. After refreshing my memory by watching Batman Begins last night and The Dark Knight this morning, I’m primed and ready to go.

There are many things I’m looking forward to about the film. The hype has been immense. The reviews have been excellent, across the board. AND THE FILM STARS TOM HARDY. Good enough a reason as any to give it a watch, don’t you think?

Delicious, delectable, bad boy Tom Hardy. He’s a versatile and surprising actor, with an impressive CV and more than a handful of award nominations/wins to date  – and let’s face it. He’s as hot as hell.

So here’s our homage to the baddie. We may want Batman to make sure the evil Bane meets his comeuppance – but long live Tom Hardy!

You want more flesh? Oh, go on then….

Tom Hardy Naked

And for the grown ups? The necessary suit shot.

Tom Hardy in a suit


Oooof. I think I may need a little lie down. There’s something a little rough about Tom, and I like it. He’s adorable.

I’ll try to keep my pervy eyes off Tom’s bottom throughout the film and write a decent review over the coming days…but I can’t promise anything!

#Pervpost – over and out.

(Of course, I didn’t take any of these photos so do not own the rights to any of them. They’re here purely for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!)

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    JJ Miller
    September 4, 2012 at 1:11 am

    I think he’s adorable!

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