FILM: The Hobbit – Exclusive video ahead of this Friday's release…

Over the last few months, since my illness has really kicked in, I’ve been spending a lot more time at the cinema than at the pub – and surprisingly, I’ve loved it.

So much so, that I have started to enjoy even the trailers. I was always one of those people who was quite happy to bowl up seconds before the main feature began, probably annoying the serious film buffs with a muffled giggle and the rustling of a bag of junky snacks.

Not any more. Having recently seen The Master (visually beautiful, wonderfully acting, left me strangely dissatisfied), Skyfall (best Bond ever?) and of course the hugely hyped last episode of Twilight (terrible, but brilliantly so…) I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of two of the next (and final) big movies of the year; The Life of Pi and The Hobbit.

Last week – I was lucky enough to receive these rather amazing Hobbit socks, which peaked my interest even higher (I’m kidding – a bit).

But what has really excited me is a friend’s recent facebook status update, which read:

At the risk if sounding like a Middle Earth geek, I spent the best part of 3hr at the press screening of the Hobbit yesterday with my jaw on the floor. INCREDIBLE! I wish I were friends with Gandalf.

So, here for all you other Middle Earth geeks (and me…) is one last Hobbit teaser…a guided tour of Middle-earth by the actors on location.

You’re very welcome!

You should also check out this…the on board safety video that has been playing to all passengers on Air New Zealand recently. Rather brilliant.

What are your thoughts on The Hobbit? Looking forward to it, or going to give it a miss? Let me know in the comment box below!

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