The Infinity Dress: A Thing of Wonder…

I’m probably way behind everyone else on this, but last week, lovely ladies @Emma_Cossey and @ALongTallAlly introduced me to the Infinity Dress.

If, like me, you weren’t aware of such an invention, I’m sure you’ll be as gobsmacked as I was. It’s one dress, that is actually FIFTEEN dresses.

Inifinity Dress/Twist & Wrap Bridesmaid Dress

Click here for guide on how to wrap

I’ve never heard of such madness.

Now. Let’s get something clear. It’s not my style. I wouldn’t nip out and buy one for every day purposes. But, I do think this is one of the cleverest inventions for some time. It comes in 2 lengths, and is perfect for bridesmaids, as at least one of the styles will suit every body shape. You could choose to have them completely matching, or in the same fabric and colour way to suit your wedding but differing styles without breaking the bank. It is also great for a party dress for people who don’t have the budget to buy a new dress for every wedding, office party, ball etc – I mean, you can wear it 15 different ways, so that’s 15 parties where no-one can say you’ve worn the same thing twice!

They’re available from a few places- including BHS – where it’s available from £70. Or £4.66 per style.

You can’t argue with less than a fiver now, can you?!

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