The Ultimate Lesson…

“The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well” Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Some of the most fantastic, beautiful people I know have the lowest self esteem, and that really upsets me.

They tell me they’re not tall enough, not slim enough, not pretty enough, not clever enough, not good enough. They’re wrong.

In my world, you see, beauty comes from within. I find kindness the most stunning quality in a person. You can notice it behind the eyes…it radiates from the soul.

Yet its not surprising that we place so much value on how we look from the outside. With all the exercise DVDs that are thrust into our faces after Christmas, all the diet shows that are on TV, the constant barrage of celebrity “size 6” shots in all the magazines – the pressure is horrendous.

This is nothing new, I know, but it has only just occurred to me how much it affects the people I care about. And I don’t like the people I care about being upset, I really don’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we should all get lazy or glorify the art of couch-potatoness. I do agree that we should all be healthy. I don’t agree with eating 12 packets of crisps a day and then wondering why the pounds are piling on. But, if we’re eating well and doing whatever exercise we can and we’re a size 12 or 14, that’s cool. If, like me, we can’t necessarily exercise as much as we want due to injury or illness so are a little bit bigger in areas than we once were – no problem. If I want to eat a piece of chocolate cake, I’m going to. I’m not going to eat the whole bloody cake but I’m not going to feel guilty about it or compare myself to someone I see in a magazine either – that’s unrealistic. As long as I know I am being healthy, I’m happy. Really happy.

And I wish everyone else could be too.

The world would be so lovely if everyone was just that little bit nicer, that bit more confident, that little bit happier…wouldn’t it? It really doesn’t matter how the world sees you. It only matters how you see yourself.

So please – can we all stop judging ourselves on what we see on the outside? When you look in the mirror, see what you have done that makes you special. If there’s more you can do – do it. If you’re not happy about something – change it. If you could do something better – be the best you can be. Then you know when you look in the mirror, you can be proud of who you are inside.

If you made someone smile today…if you did something nice…if you held a door open or even just held a lift…if you made someone laugh until their belly hurt…if you offered a kind word…if you were kind to strangers…someone, somewhere see’s the beauty in you.

All you need to do is see the beauty in yourself.

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