This Little Lady Got Hacked…But We're Back!

So – apologies about going missing for the last week – unfortunately, some pesky Americans (not saying all Americans are pesky. Far from it. Just these ones. And possibly a few others) took it upon themselves to hack into our pretty pages and ruin some stuff. Rather unfair, if you ask me.

Luckily, we had all our content backed up, so we just had to redesign the site and get it back into working order. No mean feat – but after a few late nights, a lot of code, some swearing and the swatting of a few bugs, we are back. Mostly.

It will take a while to reinstall all of the old content but gradually it will reappear before your eyes (if you feel like browsing through some old posts, links are being tweeted over at @TLLWTL) In the meantime, lot’s of new posts and events appearing every day.

Talking of new stuff – the redesign has allowed us to add in lots of new features that weren’t here before. We know everything looks similar, but we have added many new functions to make things all much fancier for you…including;

  • An updated events calendar. If you hover over the date in the home page calendar – all the events happening that day will appear. Click on that date, and a page will come up with all the event details for that day. Nice, huh?

Events Calendar with events list...

Event Date Listing Page...

  • Updated interactive events map. This was always here, but it seems many people didn’t actually realise it was interactive! If you click on a pin in the homepage map, the information relating to that post will appear. Click on the link and it will guide you to the review or event. (You can also filter the posts you want to see by ticking/unticking the boxes in the key. Marvellous)
  • In each post, you now have a map with a pinpoint of the event or review. From here, you can also get directions from wherever you like. Handy.

Map and Directions...

  • Updated author information at the end of each post, and further details over on the “Who are They?” page. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions for any of us.
  • Updated comments. Not only can you now see people’s comments on the site – but also any mentions from social networks too. Stalking heaven!

There are lots more functions coming soon – and we are in the process of designing a newsletter too. You’ll probably also notice we’ve changed the fonts and made everything a little easier to navigate.

We’d LOVE to hear what you think about the changes, or if you have any ideas on what else we can add. Just click in the comment box below to tell us your thoughts, talk to us on Facebook or drop us an email.

As always, we’re pleased you dropped by, and thank you for reading TLLWTL!




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