This Little Lady is moving BACK to London!

For the last little while, I have lived just on the outskirts of London, and it has been KILLING me!

I miss the buzz. I miss the mischief. I miss being able to jump on a tube to meet my friends and I miss being able to get a loaf of bread after 10pm at night.

So…today is a happy day. The Boy and I had an offer accepted on a house…and I have to say…it’s gorgeous. Stripped wood floors, garden, HUGE kitchen, 2 big bedrooms….and it’s ours.

We’ll be right by the common, and just a short walk away from the lovely pubs and my pals in Balham. The Boy will be 15 minutes door to door from work, and I’ll be back in the City I love. This makes me so happy!

OK, so we’re only renting (for now) to check that we can live together without anyone getting murdered….but it’s our first little home together and I am very excited indeed.

Bring it on.

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