This Little Lady….

I must apologise for the lack of…well…anything much recently.

Organising the charity event (which went fabulously and raised lots of £££ for Macmillan and Breast Cancer) really wiped me out and after some conversations with my friends and Doctors I realised I needed some time out. So, I flew over to Ibiza for a couple of days to relax with some red wine and great friends…had a quiet but lovely 31st birthday with the best people possible and spent the rest of my time trying to rest and get through.

That’s the problem with chronic pain. You never know whether your day is going to be good or bad; whether you will sleep at night; whether the drugs will take the edge off, or not. It’s not nice, I promise.

Anyway, I have made it through and am feeling just about normal, and its nice to be back. I have so much lovely stuff to share with you in the run up to Christmas it’s an exciting time! 

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