TLLWTL Blogger Event: Raffle prizes, goodie bags and gorgeous speakers…we've got it all!

It’s just over 1 week until the next TLL PR and Blogger event, “How to make your Blog a Success” which is set to take place at the beautiful Folly Bar, near Bank Station.

We are REALLY excited for this event. Not only do we have one of our best panels to date, but we also have some incredible raffle prizes (your entry ticket gives you one automatic entry into the draw, and you can buy extra tickets on the night). The venue is superb, and we’re raising money for a charity that is London based and thoroughly deserving – Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice, who help desperately ill children and their families when they need it most. They’re incredible, and we hope to raise as much as possible to go towards helping these sick kids.

So. Here’s a little more information about what to expect on the night:

The Venue

The Folly Bar is a beautiful venue, situated right near Monument/Bank Stations, which is known as “the secret garden of the city”. The bar has lots of different sections, including a restaurant, a deli, and the downstairs section, which we have reserved all for ourselves! The decor is stunning – fresh and bright, with pinks and greens and cosy, mismatched seating. We love it! The doors to the event will be opening at 6.30pm (on 23rd October) and we’ll have the downstairs exclusively until close – or we can of course go upstairs if we choose. There’ll be a complementary cocktail for everyone on arrival – and networking/drinks after the speakers have finished, from about 9pm.

The Speakers

We are so proud of our panel this month. The ladies we have on board as some of the best in their respective fields – and have all been picked because they are both fantastic, funny people, and excellent speakers!

  • Mel Kirk – Blogger Engagement Director at Jam (Part of the Engine Group). If you’ve been to one of our events before, you will probably have come across Mel, as she has both hosted and been on the panel at various times. Mel is perfectly placed to talk about making your blog successful, both from a Blogger Outreach perspective, and as a Vlogger & Blogger herself. Mel spends her days identifying the perfect Bloggers for her clients to work with, devising original strategies and making the projects come to life. Her experience and tips will help anyone in this business, and her blog, is pretty special (and very funny too!)
  • Zoe Griffin – Founder of If you like your celebrity news and gossip, you’ll probably recognise Zoe, as she’s been bringing us the latest celebrity news for almost a decade. Zoe ran her own column in the Mirror and has worked on a number of other national papers, before deciding to go it alone and setting up her blog, Zoe jets around the world, hanging out with celebrities and showing you how you can have a lifestyle, just like theirs. Zoe is perfectly placed to talk about making a living from her site – as she made the leap from paid job to full time Blogger a coupel of years ago and hasn’t looked back!
  • Judith Lewis – Head of Search at Beyond, Digital Media Expert and Chocolate Blogger. I was thrilled when Judith agreed to join our panel, having seen her speak recently at an event where she captivated the audience and made SEO interesting! Judith knows everything there is to know about the world of SEO and can help explain how and why it is important in the world of blogging – and online in general. Judith is a fantastic speaker and her blog, Mostly About Chocolate is a must read if you enjoy the odd bit of chocolate. Who doesn’t?!
  • Sam Sparrow and Leanne Rice of The High Tea Cast. Sam and Lea blog and talk about anything that takes their fancy really, and have a successful podcast and radio show to boot! These ladies will be talking about how they made their site a little different to the rest, and added some extra elements to make them a true success.
Hosting our event we have the only Gent of the evening, James Whatley. James is a successful blogger himself ( and is a Senior Associate Director of Social Media at Ogilvy. He’ll have a tough job keeping these ladies in line, but will do his best and will also host the Q&A session after the presentations are complete.
As for me? I’ll be there to welcome you all, record the talks and of course keep your glasses filled afterwards. I’m looking forward to being able to chat to you all before and after the main event.

The Raffle

We try to keep the entrance fee to our events as low as possible, while still allowing us to cover costs and donate a healthy chunk to our charity of choice. However, we also look at ways we can add value and make the ticket price as fair as we possibly can! This time, every single person who gets a ticket will automatically be entered into the raffle, and additional tickets will be available on the night. Raffle prizes have been very kindly donated to help raise funds for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice and include:
  • This stunning Jahnke desk, worth almost £500, from Saxen. (The desk is available with the pink accent, in plain black or white – or you can take a voucher and choose your own prize) It’s the perfect desk for Bloggers or anyone working from home – we LOVE it!

The Extra’s…

We’ll also be bringing you goodie bags, which will hold a number of gorgeous treats, will have a complementary welcome drink ready for you on arrival…and as an extra special treat, will have some nail technicians on hand to give you a mini-manicure too!

The Charity

There are three aims of the evening. The first is to share knowledge, network and make our working lives easier. The second, is to have a great night with like-minded individuals, make some great new contacts, catch up with familiar faces and have a lot of fun. The third…and possibly most important? To raise money for the fabulous kids charity, Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice. Noah’s Ark do fabulous work, providing physical and emotional support to life-limited and life-threatened kids and their families in London. Our money will help them care for up to 900 children this year. Well worth the £20 entry fee, don’t you think? Click the link to find out more about raising additional funds for the charity.
So. You know you HAVE to come, right? If you work with Bloggers, are a Blogger, or just read blogs, there’ll be something for you. It will be a whirlwind of social media loveliness. So to get your ticket – please click here. We’d love to see you there x

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