TLLWTL Meets…Suzi Perry. Gorgeous Girl & Gadget Personality of the Year!

Interview by Marko Salonen

This week, our lovely MSalonen met with Suzi Perry. This gorgeous lady may be best known as the host of Channel Fives “The Gadget Show“, but there’s so much more to her than that.

As well as being awarded a fellowship at Wolverhampton Uni and creating an iPhone app, Suzi was recently named as “Gadget Personality of the Year” at the T3 2010 Awards.

Marko quizzed Suzi about the win….and so much more … the full interview below!

MS: Firstly congrats on the award, very excited for you and you must be over the moon?

SP: I’ve only ever won one award in my life. I never win anything so I was really, genuinely gobsmacked. I mean, Stephen Fry was there that evening! So was Jonathon Ross and Charlie Brooker – the list was unbelievable. When they called my name out, I thought it was a joke and I just didn’t believe it! But yes, it is fantastic; I mean it is amazing to win anything right? But this was a first for me and voted for by the public which made it very special. But someone has actually stolen the award now, so I don’t actually have it, which I am quite sad about.

MS: I am no good when it comes to gadgets, other than my trusted Blackberry and digital camera, what would you suggest to the busy girl about LDN to spend her money on? Something that would make her life a bit more manageable?

SP: I think these days the smartphone is king.  You have absolutely everything on it that you could ever need. Just think of the 80’s! Back then, you needed a Filofax in your bag and a giant mobile phone – you had so much stuff going on. Now, in just one tiny, slim little computer you have easy access to the web, your email, your contacts, music, radio, diaries and of course endless apps! I mean apps are absolutely king- there really is everything to choose from out there! So I would say, for any busy London girl, a really good, slick smart phone like the iphone or blackberry, if they haven’t converted already is a must.

There is also a great little Swiss army knife if you want to be a little more practical. They do a knife that includes everything for anything – even a nail file and a USB key plus some other little essential gadgets on there like the corkscrew etc.  Perfect for girls on the go and all scenarios –  and it is small so won’t take up room in bag. Super handy.

There is also a new technology called ‘Le Whiff’ multi vitamins which are inhalable vitamins – you breathe them in like an inhaler – you can even get inhalable coffee with all the caffeine of a fresh cup of coffee but zero calories – so maybe that is the future for vitamins – a quick handbag fix. We have Le Whiff multi vitamins at this year’s Ideal Home Show in the Virgin Media Home of the Future, so you can come down and try them. The Home of the Future has the coolest, slickest, most cutting edge devices currently on the market – they are not prototypes, they are available now, so it is definitely worth coming down to the show at Earls Court for more inspiration when it starts on March 11th.

Grohe Ondus Shower technology is the height of shower technology, and perfect for girls on the go and in a rush in the mornings, or before heading out. It is a shower controlled via your mobile phone – so another reason to get that smartphone! This shower unit includes degrees sharp temperature control and immediate temperature technology. This means there’s no waiting for a warm shower, this spray at exactly the temperature you want immediately.

MS: Are there any gadgets that you personally can’t wait to get your manicured hands on?

SP: I am about to re do my house in France, so I am hugely excited about what is going on in the home right now. There are some great ideas at the Ideal Home Show including some beautiful kitchen furniture and appliances like Fisher and Paykel for example who have introduced their beautiful and easy to use Dishdrawer and Cooldrawer technology. These take standard dishwashers and fridges to a new and more personalised level. They are examples of cutting edge designs that will make life at home easier. The Cooldrawer has the world’s first multi temperature fridge drawer which gives you greater control over how to use your fridge space based on what you want and choose to put in it at any given time.

When it comes to consumer tech however, this is of course the year of the tablet  –  Motorola bought out their Xoom tablet which will be the first tablet to run on a version of Google’s Android operating system Honeycomb. I haven’t played with it yet – well no one has – so we are all eagerly awaiting news on that, to see if it will be a competitor for the iPad. The iPad 2 is coming out though isn’t it, so that is something I am particularly excited about this year. I can’t wait to see what is going to be done and what changes they will make. Will there be major changes? Or just little change and tweaks? That’s the fun thing about technology; you never quite know what is going to happen.

MS: What is your fav gadget of all time and you can only pick one? Do tell me why!

SP: The original iPod is my favourite gadget of all time as it was so ground-breaking at the time of launch.  It was the first time we could carry around our entire record collection in our pockets. It was beautifully designed, slick and so simple to use. It was also the first proper unisex ‘must have’ consumer gadget and an incredible platform for what is now the iPhone story. I haven’t got enough praise for the iPod, in fact I did a piece on the iPod which won me the job on The Gadget Show, so I have a soft spot for it also, as it is part of my career

MS: Is there a gadget that you won’t leave the house without?

SP: My iPad. It depends where I am going but my iPad is generally my number 1 must have item  and my iPhone, my number 2. But I also like to have my Canon DSLR Camera with me as I love taking proper photos. Photos on the mobile phone are fine, but to take proper art, you need a decent camera. I really love my camera.

MS: Enough about gadgets! how would you describe your personal style and who is your fashion icon?

SP: My style is mood dependant and I think like most people, I don’t dress same way all the time, it depends entirely how I feel. I guess I go for a girly tech look and feel on The Gadget Show and wear a lot of dresses and heels in the studio.

My fashion icon would be Sophie Marceau – so so stunning.

MS: Are there any designers who’s work you really can’t get enough of?

SP: Alana Hill is a designer I like, she is Australian and quite fun but I think Anthony Price is amazing. Antony used to dress Roxy Music, Brian Ferry – and they always looked really stylish. He made a dress for me last year which was a bit GaGa-esque – this corseted white lace number. It was absolutely beautiful. I hope to wear another of his this year at Ascot as I am working on that this year. We are doing something special this year at Ascot with fashion. We are going to take a different decade each day as it is a key anniversary, so we will celebrate all the decades of fashion. I am doing that with James Sherwood who I found out is going to be the fashion correspondent for the Royal Wedding! It will be great!

MS: Shoes or a bag girl?

I do love bags like any girl but I am a shoe girl really – I love shoes and boots. It can be high street or designer….i have to dig the shoe.

My favourite pair is a pair of Marc Jacob shoes that I bought in Barcelona airport as there was a time when airports were all I could do shopping in – it was the only time I ever had free whilst waiting for a plane. They were fantastic shoes – I still have them now, though they are a little bit past their sell by date.

MS: Your favourite fashion item EVER!

SP: That is really hard to pick just one!

Anyone reading this that is a fan of The Gadget Show will be chanting ‘cat suit, cat suit…’ – I have a leather cat suit that I have had to wear on the show a few times. I have had it for 11 year s and I can’t believe I can still fit in the damn thing. I am not sure I will ever be allowed to throw that out – maybe I can auction it for charity….. It is not my favourite item by any stretch but it seems to be the favourite of some people…..

I am quite good at recycling my clothes actually…. well my step daughter takes most of them!

MS: And lastly, if you had to either bin all your gadgets or burn the inside of your wardrobe…which would it be?

SP: What a hard question to answer. I suppose I would have to burn my wardrobe, though trying to do my job nude would be interesting!! I would have my iPad though, and I would probably be able to find an app to help me once my clothes had all been burnt – there is an app for everything right?


Huge thanks  to Suzi for taking the time out to speak with us.

Suzi Perry is the Ambassador for the Ideal Gadgets section at this year’s Ideal Home Show 2011. Suzi will be hosting the ‘Home of the Future’ brought to you by Virgin Media, offering the latest gadgets and gizmos for the home.  The Ideal Home Show, London will open its doors for 17 days from 11th March – 27th 2011, at London’s Earls Court. Tickets can be either booked online or by calling the Ticket Hotline on 0844 415 4144 or visit the website  50p per ticket sold goes to the Ideal Homes for Heroes appeal supporting ABF the Soldiers’ Charity – see

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