To InfiniTEA And Beyond… Superhero themed Afternoon Tea for Kids (And You.)

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I’d just about decided that I didn’t really fancy writing anything about Easter this year (other than over on our super-duper new events pages, that you should definitely all go and take a look at immediately)…and then I came across this.

Super hero tea at the St Ermin Hotel

That, right there, is a super-hero afternoon tea. And where can you find this magical thing?? Right here in London, at the very pretty St Ermin’s Hotel in St. James. I met Dexter Fletcher here, which is a lovely fact, but not as important as the news that there is a SUPER-HERO THEMED AFTERNOON TEA IN TOWN.

Now. I have in on good authority that this is a treat aimed at kids, but I think that’s an oversight. I would personally love it, as would the Dude. It comes with;

  • Blue, green and red sandwiches (cheese & ham, strawberry jam plus egg & cress)
  • Superman double chocolate brownie,
  • Kryptonite strips (homemade apple jelly)
  • Caped crusader Batman cupcake
  • Spiderman’s carrot cake complete with web.
  • Hydration is key, so as well as H2O, orders can be placed for personalised ‘Make me a SuperHero’ juicy cocktails such as Freeze Power (bluey green), SuperVision (orange and red) or a Cloak of Invisibility (purple). Whilst appealingly bright in colour and presented in suitably high impact Super Hero style throughout, all ingredients and colourings are completely natural.

I am so in.

It’s the perfect bargaining tool to get the kids, or the man, to behave nicely during a day out (shopping?) with you during the Easter Holidays. I honestly think it’s genius – and at just £12, won’t break the bank either.

If you want to find out more about this, or anything else about the St Ermins Hotel, visit their website.

The Lobby at St Ermins Hotel, London

If you like the look of it (it’s SO pretty) and fancy a cheeky stay over, Expedia are offering discounted rates (£172 rather than £229), a best price guarantee AND Free cancellation offer. Worth a look!

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