To tip, or not to tip…

In America, it is customary to tip for everything. If someone carries your bag into a hotel (even when you don’t want them to), you tip. When someone parks your car for you, even when you’re quite happy to park it yourself, you tip. Even if service is pretty bloody awful, you leave about 20% as a tip. If not, you are made seriously unwelcome in future…

Over here, its much different. We rarely tip for anything unless service is exceptional, and we don’t think twice about it. Except, that is, at Christmas.

Everyone seems to expect a Christmas bonus. Whether its the milk-man, the paper-boy, your cleaner, your hairdresser, the window cleaner… Christmas is an expensive time.

However, you don’t always have to offer cash. A personal gift can be equally well received. Damian Clarkson, Founder and MD of catering business The London Kitchen, offers the following advice;

“For, a more personal approach, giving mince pies or a bottle of wine are excellent ways to thank trades people for the service they’ve given you over the year. Also, remember to have emergency food and presents handy in case you forget someone.”

So, if mone is tight, or you don’t like having cash lying around, why not stock up on some bottles of wine, packs of beer, good quality or home made mince pies or sausage rolls (to warm up for outdoor trades people) or boxes of chocolates, ready to be kind over the festive period. Just the smallest gesture to thank someone for the service they’ve given over the last year can improve someones day, and make the biggest difference to the service you’ll get over the coming year! And it will make you feel all fuzzy inside because you did something nice for someone 🙂

The London Kitchen offer a fabulous event catering service of the highest quality. Damian Clarkson learnt his trade working for some of the biggest names in British catering including Mossimans and Rhubarb, and has worked for clients such as Tom Ford and Oswald Boateng. From the most intimate dinner party this Christmas to large events like Fashion Fringe…The London Kitchen will help you make it magical!

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