Top Ten Facts You Never Knew About Champagne

Champagne cellar

It is no secret that my drink of choice has always been, and will always be, Champagne. I adore the stuff. A delicious, crisp, bubbling glass of Champagne is a thing of beauty to me. And it would seem I’m not the only one.

This week saw the Comite Champagne Champagne Bureau’s 21st Annual Tasting – which revealed the UK topping the export market once again, largely thanks to Champagne’s ever-increasing popularity among us Londoners.

Now, I love a fun fact, so I was interested to find out more about my favourite drink. I only knew 2 of these top 10 Champagne facts. How about you?

  1. The UK remains is Champagne’s No1 export market, a position it’s held almost unbroken since WWII
  2. Shipments to the UK totalled 32,675,232 bottles in 2014
  3. A bottle of champagne contains around 49 million bubbles
  4. Around 11 million bubbles escape from a glass of Champagne. This is approximately the same number of inhabitants in London and the surrounding area
  5. The pressure in a Champagne bottle is around 90 pounds per square inch. That’s more than triple the pressure in a car tyre, about the same as in a double-decker bus tyre
  6. A Champagne cork can reach a speed of 50kmph when popped out of the bottle
  7. There are over 100km of underground cellars in Reims
  8. There are over 1 billion bottles of champagne aging in the cellars of the Champagne region
  9. There are 250 servings of champagne in Nebuchordonasor
  10. And finally – Champagne only comes from Champagne

Bring me a Nebuchordonasor at once! It is Mogther’s Day after all…I deserve it!

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