TubeCrush. Genius.


Sometimes here at TLLWTL Towers, we come across a website idea so brilliant we kick ourselves for not coming across it first. The latest one?


We’ve all been in that situation, sitting on the tube across from some hottie that you just NEED to tell your friends about later. Some of us have even taken a sneaky snap as evidence (*JJ raises hand guiltily*). Now, lets you share the love with other like-minded (pervy) individuals…just a simple email to the site and he he pops in all his glory!

We seriously recommend you check out the site. Who’s your favourite so far? Let us know by commenting below!

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  • Have to admit I feel exceptionally uncomfortable about this. It’s an absolute invasion of somebody’s privacy and really unacceptable! I know many men that would be exceptionally upset about this.

    I understand it’s somewhat in response to a site where people were posting photographs of women in the same context; to the upset of many, and I don’t think this is any different. It’s invasion of privacy dressed up (yet again) as “just a bit of a laugh”.

    My hopes are that nobody is affected negatively through their appearance on that site.

    • I appreciate your views – but personally I don’t agree.

      There is the option to have your photo removed and they make it very clear its an appreciation site, there’s no negativity involved.

      If the men were in a state of undress, caught doing something embarrassing or being criticised for their appearance, I would not approve…but it’s just a face, on a tube. I don’t know any men who would be offended by being flattered and told they’re attractive, and that’s all they’re doing.

      Very interesting to see how people see this so differently tho…

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