Turn Your Love of Gin into a Free Meal…

Gin Bar

I don’t often write about external competitions, but sometime, when they’re original and fun, it would be silly not to. Especially when they involve GIN. I bloody love gin.

The Feathers Hotel in Oxfordshire won the Guinness World Record for the largest gin collection last year (they have 174 lining the bar. Scrumptious) but are still on the hunt for some more.

They’ve set a challenge, and I for one am up for it. All you have to do is find a new, original gin that they don’t already stock, and you can win a meal for 2 (probably with gin!) at the lush hotel.

To win, take a photo and post it to their facebook page, or tweet them with the hashtag #feathersginfind, and they will let you know if you’ve won.

There are a couple of rules. The gin must be commercially available and a premium brand (so no supermarket specials or home-brews!) and the bottle must be sealed, so no taste testing.

The gin could be from anywhere around the world…so with 2 trips abroad booked already, I’m ready for the challenge!


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