Undivided Light art show by Paul Fryer at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden.

Paul Fryer is probably the undisputed Renaissance man of the 21st century. His work includes fashion (Fendi, darling), music (DJ at The Kit Cat Club and Vague), poetry (“Don’t be so…” illustrated by Damian Hirst), fine art, waxwork (Madame Tussaud’s)…and the list goes on.

Paul Fryer recently exhibited The Undivided Light  at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden as part of the Frieze Art Fair, and I went along to take a look.

An advocate of electricity as the lifeblood of modern society, Fryer uses light in all its permutations to create something that is neither permanent nor transient. The foundations are deeply rooted in mechanical works, tangible objects like neon lights and wax, light boxes; yet they are ever changing according to where you stand in the room.

Some pieces are more meditative while others are unsettling or fascinating; the art show is definitely thought-provoking and makes one look at the world around us in a different light.



The exhibition unfortunately closed today – but if you can catch Paul Fryer’s work elsewhere, it’s definitely worth a look.


Undivided Light was exhibited at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden until 14th October 2012.

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