Unique ideas to take the stress out of Christmas shopping in London…

All over the world Christmas shopping is recognized as a stressful and hectic experience – but let’s face it, London is especially crazy. If you’re taking care of Christmas for your family, there is often quite a bit of preparation to do for the holidays…in addition to setting up decorations and meals, accommodating family and friends and organizing any annual traditions you may have, you’ll also need to find gifts to give people. However, if you’re having Christmas in London, the experience of finding gifts for those you love and appreciate does not have to be as horrendous as it is often made out to be! Rather than relying on crowded shopping malls and stores packed with frantic customers, consider some of these alternative locations and venues for buying gifts in and around London.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Featuring the largest outdoor ice skating rink in the entire UK, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is one of many Christmas festivals that occurs annually in the London area and attracts a number of visitors. The festival is teeming with Christmas spirit and winter activities, and it is also worth noting that there are often booths and vendors selling unique gifts at such festivals. This means that you can have a wonderful time embracing a Christmas festival and get a bit of unique shopping done in the meantime!

Dazzle 2012

Dazzle is an annual jewellery exhibition that shows the newest and most original jewellery being offered in Europe. The event is specifically designed as a lead in to Christmas, and takes place in early December. Not only can it be a fascinating event for those who enjoy contemporary jewellery, but you can also find very unique gifts there that you wouldn’t be able to buy in classic jewellery stores.

Online Options

If you’d rather make things even more convenient on yourself, avoiding stores and festivals alike, you can always do the bulk of your Christmas shopping online at M&S. At this sort of online store you can find an enormous range of goods and gift ideas, and order it right to your door – entirely avoiding the hassle of Christmas shopping! Even if you do go out to a few events, festivals or stores for certain gifts, M&S online can be a great place to purchase the majority of your gifts.

Chelsea Physic Garden Christmas Fair

For another alternative shopping experience that can be a great deal more pleasant than a shopping mall, consider visiting this Christmas fair at London’s oldest botanical garden. At these heated gardens, you will find a number of stalls and booths selling a range of unique goods and gifts that can make wonderful Christmas shopping options. What could be a more relaxing way of shopping than strolling through a garden that looks like this?

Personally, I’m popping off to Paris at the end of November to stay at the gorgeous Legend Hotel – so hopefully I’ll get most of my shopping done there…lucky friends! Whatever happens though, I plan not to leave it until the last moment this year.

Know of any other great Christmas shopping ideas? Please use the comments box below to share with all our readers!

(This is a sponsored post. However – we love everything mentioned, so please don’t think for a second we don’t believe in what we’re writing. We do!)

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