Victoria Beckham Launches the New Range Rover Evoque…

It’s been a long time coming, but get set for the launch of the newest Range Rover Evoque, designed by the style queen herself, Victoria Beckham. The partnership was initially announced in 2010 – then delayed by the arrival of Harper Seven in 2011, but is set to be unveiled this weekend.

VB has set the fashion world alight in recent years with her clothing line, and we expect her version of the already gorgeous Evoque to be equally stunning.

The Evoque is the smallest and most stylist car in Land Rovers Range Rover line, with prices starting at around £30k. Somehow, we expect Mrs Beckham’s limited edition to be slightly more expensive though – aimed at the “Posher” end of the market (grooooan).

Here’s a little teaser video – but the final design won’t be revealed until the Beijing International Auto Show on April 22nd.

We like VB’s style, and we LOVE the Evoque. We’re excited to see what the collaboration looks like.

And…if anyone would like to send us one, we’ll happily test drive it around town!


(Semi-interesting fact for any Social Media geeks out there (like me). At the time I started writing this post this afternoon, VB’s Facebook page had 12,000 “likes”. Now, at 19:30, it has over 77,000. Speedy growth, that! And just HOW pretty does she look in the photo below, from Vogues April edition?? Lucky David.)

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