Wanna Join Me? By MSalonen

Ladies, I have a request.

As you all know by now, I am always out and about. Running around attending all sorts events, bar openings, beauty product launches, premieres…you name it and I am already on it. In fact, I have already been, had the drinks and vibrated home. This post is to you all who want to come with me as my plus one.

I had a soirée last week in Soho. A new up and coming designer wanted to showcase his work. (I wont go into detail about the event, as LFW is FAST approaching and there will be nothing but obsessing about fashion for the posts in couple of weeks. The calendar is looking busy. Have had to turn down few invitations as I just cant attend two places at the same time….Even I can’t do that). Ooops, I’m blabbering.

Moving on. Right, so I had a plus one and no one to take, as my Husbear was away on business, fixing up some Irish faces. I made few calls and friend of mine, a very good friend of mine decided to come with. She seemed very excited about the evening ahead. I asked what she was wearing, as I knew she was at work and wondered if she had time to go home and change.

She told me what she was wearing and I made it very clear that it wouldn’t do. So, I made her cancel a meeting and go home. She promised that she would.

It came 7.30pm and I was waiting for her in the corner, dressed in patent leather black shoes, black velvet high waisted trousers, dark grey shirt and, a grey cardigan, my YSL bag over my shoulder and Fossil watch. I looked good…I looked the part in fact. After all, I was going to go and review someone’s line. Cant really rock up looking like Susan Boyle now, can you?

I saw her walking towards me and then first thing that crossed my mind was to leg it and run. RUN! Nothing else would save me at this stage. I wish I had given her more instructions, like perhaps wash you hair and wear something nice. Ok, I am being mean, she didnt look revolting , just a little “off”. Not like I wanted her to look. OMG! That’s it, she did actually look just fine, but in my twisted little head she didnt look like I wanted her to. So, you know who you are, I wont name anyone or point fingers.

Here is what I would have picked for you on a night out in Soho with me, fashion and few drinks.

Charlotte Olympia, Minerva laser cut suede pumps £820

To be honest, had she worn these with just a jumper and belt, I would have been happy as pig in shit. Charlotte Olympia has been making a name for herself for a while now. I have not been a big fan of her work (must admit), however her stock just started to rise with these boots. Incredible. Suede, high heels, bows and sparkles. I mean, really. Shoe Heaven right there. These are really quite special. Def not a “work shoe”…not because they are high, but because they are too good to be worn in the office, unless of course you work at Vogue. For us mere mortals, these should be worn on special occasions. Like on a night out with me! Suede is tricky to start with, but with the heels and all, please dont wear these in the tube. Shoes worth more than £500, should not see the inside of a bus or a tube ever. If you can’t find a cab, then walk. Charlotte, welcome to the small group of my favorite shoe designers. (The failed woman in question would look awesome in these, as she is just over 5’2 and shaped like Jessica Alba).

Complexgeometries silk parasuit £290

I am in shock. Fashion-shock. Send in the paramedics, pump me full of Lanvin and inject me with Bottega Veneta and then air my broken brain with this Complexgeometries “parasuit”. OMG! I learned a new word. “Parasuit”. Have you ever! Seriously. I am going to faint this instant. I actually dragged another friend of mine to Browns to try this on, as I wanted to see it on a real person, allthough the mannequin looks pretty good in it, the shoes are too distracting. The Parasuit needs shoeboots (says Msalonen!) Now, it is one size only. Which is either a genius plan or a total fail. I am thinking the second option. Only thing you need to know is that its 54 inches from the top to the bottom. So if you are under 54 inches, you cant wear it. D’OH!

I could go on and on. Adore this piece and for £290, its a whole lot of silk. Now, stop staring at it and go buy it. Done.

Burberry Brit Trench Coat £550

I am having a vision (the people in my head are talking loud and clear), mixing this almost futuristic parasuit with a very traditional English piece. The Trench coat. Match made inside my very own fashion heaven. Can you imagine? The lower legs on show with the amazing boots (and the sparkle and bows and all). All covered with the essence of British autumn. Amazeballs. You should all have a trench coat, if it is Burberry, great, but if not then I am going to have to deal with it.

Please don’t make me deal with it.

There are quite a few good options on the cheaper side and to be fair they will fit as nicely as this one. The belt will tie everything in, allthough in this case, I want the coat open. The silk and the coat in the wind may make my head spin in all the directions. I am really having a vision here. Let me. Just do what I tell you to do and we will get along fine. Wait, no. I will not tell you what to do, I will tell you what NOT to do. That should be enough.

Alexander McQueen “Faithful” £875

R.I.P McQueen.

Loving this little studded number. Little mini studs even. If this bag doesnt get you through the office and onto a little mini action in Soho with me, nothing will. Loving the double straps, the detail on the side and the shape. Like for real. You all know I am not really into “it” bags. Trends come and go, like a sailor on leave, but good basic never goes out of style. If you are going to spend £1000 or over on a bag, make sure you can actually wear it for what its worth. Remember those Balenciaga numbers, that came in every shape and size? They spread like Ebola, every wag, actress and bus driver had one. Please, if you have one, file it away until hell freezes over. Or better yet, burn it. Where was I? Oh yes, spend your money wisely.

Bottega Veneta Scarab Beetle and Pearl Necklace £890

Beetle in your £900 necklace. Seriously cool. There is something about bugs right now. I have a personal fear of everything with more than four legs. Creepy crawlies Ewwww. However, like with snakes (dead and on my feet as my friend Andy would say), bugs are awesome when attached to some platinum and diamonds and pearls. I dont know if I could personally wear the piece,  I would be afraid that it would turn alive, crawl into my neck and start biting. I have a fear of being eaten by bugs or spiders. Which is clearly going to happen in London. I run like a little girl when there is the teeniest spider around. I think husbear is getting annoyed with me running around the house and squealing for help.

However, this necklace is fabulous. For real and for keeps.

Perhaps thats enough. Hair on a high ponytail, nails dark, some silver hoops and voila. You are ready to come out and play with me!

Msalonen, (plus one needed).

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    September 5, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Hang on – where was MY plus one invite?! Livid x

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    September 6, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Livid? Oops. Ok, fine. Next time, your turn! x

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