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I do worry that sometimes on this site I may come across as a raging alcoholic.

Rest assured beautiful ones, this is not true. The unfortunate truth is that this job of mine requires me to partake in the odd tipple, purely for research purposes of course. There is no enjoyment involved whatsoever. Honest.

OK, OK, I lie. There are occasions when I quite enjoy my job. This weekend being one of them. We had received a bottle of Babicka Original Wormwood Vodka through, and thought it was only fair to give it a decent trial run.

This Czech spirit is a blend of Vodka infused with Wormwood and special herbs – and I’m not lying when I say it is delicious. As with all good vodka, the best way to test it is straight, so this is where we started – and were immediately pleasantly surprised. Not only does the vodka actually taste nice, there is no burn at all as it hits the back of your throat, just a pleasant warmth that makes you want to tackle another little sip.

Next, we mixed Babicka with ice and Cranberry and the combination went down rather nicely. I have consumed a fair amount of vodka over the years, from the cheaper brands right up to the most expensive and genuinely can tell the difference between good and bad (taste tests have proven this skill numerous times) .  Babicka is good. Trust me on that. And if you don’t trust me yet, get some for yourself and attempt to prove me wrong. I don’t think you’ll argue.

Babicka is currently available from Harvey Nicks and specialist retailers including The Whisky Exchange. Priced at around £35, I would definitely recommend picking yourself up a bottle if you appreciate good quality vodka. Definitely a new favourite in this house. Yum!



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