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You may or may not be aware of this, but I am a girl.

I’m not really your typical girl though. I’m not very good at shopping in pairs. I don’t enjoy chatting on the phone. I intensely dislike chocolate. I can be out the door for a night out in 30 minutes flat, which apparently is almost unheard of.

And I’ve never really worried about my make up. (*Queue collective gasps of horror from beauty bloggers out there*)

In 32 years, I’ve never really been that fussed. Don’t get me wrong, since I was 17 I’ve worn the stuff, but pretty much only when necessary and even then, the bare minimum. I’ve never been one for updating my look, or following the latest trends. I had my standard “face” and I stuck to it. Simple. Job done. Low maintenance.

Recently though, I’ve become a bit bored with that same old look. My friend and extremely glamorous flatmate always looks so fabulous when she goes out that it’s encouraged me to become a little more adventurous. and step away from my old routine.  All the old mascaras, foundations and eye-liners that have been making a mess of my cosmetics bag have gone in the bin and have been replaced with new, fresh, improved products – including Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene Foundation (which I’m loving) and Lancome’s Hypnôse mascara (which I personally consider to be the best mascara IN THE WORLD). Boots liked me and my credit card quite a lot that day.

One of my favourite brands though does not break the bank at all. E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) have an incredible array of products at exceptional value. I have talked about their nail lacquers before,  but have recently fallen in love with their eye-shadows too.

In the past when I’ve bought cheaper brands of make-up, I’ve been left wanting. The colours are wishy washy or slide off within minutes. Spending less has turned out to be a false economy. But I haven’t found this with E.L.F.

My favourite thing about the brand is that the make up is available in handy little kits, that offer all the products you need to create a certain look – along with a step by step guide on how to achieve it. Perfect, if like me, you didn’t spend hours in front of the mirror tackling these very issues as a teen. The first collection I tried was “The Beauty Encyclopedia – Basic Eye Edition”, which contains 12 eye-shadows, 2 cream eye-shadows, 1 eyeliner and an eye-shadow brush. The colours in this set range from pale highlighters, to dark brown/purple shades, allowing you to choose those best suited to your colouring. The step-by-step guide is ridiculously easy to follow, and after using this for just the first time, I had a couple of comments telling me how nice my eyes looked. Lovely. The kit is a mere £6 which is excellent value in anyone’s book, and the best bit? The colours stayed put for ages.


Beauty Encyclopedia : Basic Eye Edition

Last night though, I used the “100% Pure Mineral Eyeshadow – Basic Browns” set for the first time…and it is SO good I had to write about it. The simplicity is the key – 3 small pots of mineral eye-shadow (one highlighter, one medium, one dark), along with an eyeliner and 2 brushes. Again, he set comes with a tutorial, showing you exactly where to apply each shade and with which brush. It took me just a matter of minutes to give myself the smokiest feline eyes I’ve ever achieved – and my flatmate immediately asked me to do hers too. As it was a big night out I added a tiny touch of Mac’s carbon black eyeshadow to glam it up a touch further but to be honest, it looked great even before that. The colour didn’t budge at all, despite visiting 2 clubs and having dinner (read kebabs at Maroush) at 3am. In fact, for possibly the first time ever, my make up looked almost exactly the same when I got home as it did when I left. Unheard of for me! I am totally in love with this kit and will be using it (and following the application tips with other colours) as often as possible. At just £12 for 3 quality mineral shadows + extras, you can’t really argue with the value.



e.l.f Mineral Eye-shadow Starter Kit : Basic Browns

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