We Love: FAB – First Aid Beauty

We don’t need to tell you how important a good skincare routine is. (Do we?!)

It used to be fairly simple. Cleanse, tone, moisturise, done. Those were the days. Now, along with the old favourites there are eye creams, neck creams, pre-cleansers, serums..the list goes on. Every brand tells you they’re the best. They baffle you with science, confuse us with ingredients we have never heard of and put the prices up sky high…because they know we all want to stay young and beautiful.

So when I come across a brand I genuinely fall in love with, I want to tell people about it. I get to see a lot of products in this job – some are amazing, some are average, some not so good. FAB (First Aid Beauty) definitely falls into the first category.

Beauty expert Lilli Gordon’s range is fragrance free, contains no parabens, harsh chemicals or colourants, is allergen tested and comes recommended by dermatoligists. It also promises great results, and for me, delivers on all counts.

The US have been raving about the line for a while now but it’s fairly new to the UK. There are products to cover normal, sensitive, ageing and problem skin and with prices ranging from £8-£28, it won’t break the bank. The packaging is simple and chic, and our bathroom shelf currently looks awesome stocked with almost every product in the range (yes, including the anti-ageing ones. I’m getting on a bit you know).

Since using the products daily, my skin feels much softer, the area around my eyes is firmer and my skin-tone is brighter than before. All of which are pretty good reasons for trying this for yourself. My favourite items include the Detox Eye Roller, Foaming Face Cleanser and the Age Delay 5-in-1 Cream, but in all truth, I have liked everything I’ve tried so far.

First Aid Beauty is available from Boots. Snap it up and please let us know your thoughts below if you try it.

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