What are you doing this Weekend?

It doesn’t happen often…but this weekend I am heading out to the deepest depths of Berkshire for a night to remember.

Now, it’s not exactly the sticks, granted. It’s Windsor. But Windsor isn’t London, so it may as well be Mars as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway. It’ll be fabulous.

Think Studio 54 – Mirror balls, disco in one room, funky house from some outstanding DJs (Pete Walsh, Baz Sneddon, Jason Sears and James Mac) in the main club and Percussion by the amazing Jim Butler of Peruvian Nights (who happens to be HOT girls!) So if you fancy getting out of the smoke (for one night only – please come back…) come and join us for a night of ridiculous fun!

For more information, head over to their FB page or message me for details.

Maybe see you there x

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