What I Wish I Wore: Cinema date! The Dark Knight Rises…

I’m quite excited.

I didn’t expect to want to see Dark Knight Rises as much as I do…but I have indeed succumbed to the hype and can’t wait to see Christian Bale save the day (I’m guessing) against hottie Tom Hardy. (Worth seeing, just for him. WOOF)

Now, the other haf was lucky enough to have already seen the film…at the European Premiere on Wednesday no less, but he’s booked us tickets to see it at the IMAX today. Huge screen = huge excitement.

So…what to wear? In real life I’ve chosen a black vest dress and white Converse – but if my wardrobe was made of dreams? It would be this bunch of loveliness…

I love this look! Of course, it’s al little bit geeky, thanks to the tee, but Geek is Chic…or haven’t you heard?! It’s also bang on trend with the metallic mid-heeled courts and skinny jeans, cut off just above the ankle. The weather forecast was OK, so I’d brave it without a jacket today…the outfit’s INSANELY hot, so who needs one anyway?

Todays #WIWIW stockists are:

  1. Zoe Karrsen Bat Print Boyfriend Tee | £57 | My-Wardrobe
  2. Acne Silver Metallic Court Shoe | £355 | My-Wardrobe
  3. J Brand 910 Skinny Jean | £205 | Selfridges
  4. Stella McCartney Falabella Chain Tote | £680 | Selfridges

Grand total of £1297 today. Small price to pay to look this cool.

Bring on the Batman.

I’ll let you know what I think! Happy Sunday x







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