What I Wish I Wore…Something for the Weekend?

What on earth has the weather been up to today?

It’s been one of those afternoon’s that’s made it so tricky to work out exactly what to wear…bursts of beautiful sunshine, interspersed with torrential downpours, that seem to come with no warning at all!

On a day like this, I’d keep it classic. A gorgeous pair of jeans, a crisp white, lightweight shirt. You don’t need anything else. When the sun is shining, a good quality cotton will keep you cool, yet when those heavens open? You’re pretty much covered up. Just make sure whichever table you grab in the pub garden is within dashing distance of the bar. You won’t get much warning of the next shower!

Unpredictable climes are entirely predictable for us. So, this weekend, for Sunday lunch or socialising with friends…this is what I wish I wore:

This is one of my favourite looks. I’m a huge fan of a simple white shirt, and this one from MiH is a great find. Oversized, so it won’t pull across the cleavage, but will still show off a gorgeous waist with the help of a great belt. The bag speaks for itself. If there’s one year you can be proud of being a Brit, this is it, especially after the AMAZING Olympics opening ceremony on Friday. And I have had my eye on these YSL shoes for ages…they’re fabulous, aren’t they?

Today’s #WIWIW stockists are;

  1. J Brand Starless Jeans | £190 | House of Fraser
  2. Gucci Shades | £340 | House of Fraser
  3. MiH Oversized White Shirt | £146 | My-Wardobe.Com
  4. Ralph Lauren Belt | £69 | House of Fraser
  5. Aspinal Union Jack Bag | £450 | House of Fraser
  6. YSL Tribute Wooden Sandals | £735 | Selfridges
And the grand total for a laid back Sunday? £1784.
Of course, the beauty of an outfit like this is that it can be copied on the high street for a fraction of the price. Just about everywhere does skinny jeans and white shirts, and it wouldn’t be hard to find a great pair of platform sandals – you’d probably be able to find something in the extensive New Look shoe department!
What do you think of today’s outfit? I’ll be having sweet dreams tonight over those incredible shoes….


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