Why did the 7ft Chicken cross the road?

Drivers in London are used to traffic, and are rarely surprised by hold-ups.

It was a slightly different story today though, as instead of the usual road works, or minor prang making journeys a little tougher – it was a 7ft cardboard chicken! The amazing sculpture was spotted at Cock Lane (of course…), Giltspur Street, and rather brilliantly mimicking the Beatles on the Abbey Road crossing.

RSPCA 7ft Chicken Abbey Road

The cardboard chuck, made by craftsman Mark O’Brien, took over 70 hours to create from over 30 sqm of recycled cardboard.

But why?

Mark was commissioned by UK animal charity, The RSPCA, to raise awareness for their Good Business Awards 2012. The competition aims to rewards businesses for excellence in innovation and animal welfare. To find out more about the awards, visit the RSPCA website and get involved!

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