Will hosting the Olympics in London really give us a home advantage?

I’m not going to lie. Up until about 7 minutes ago, I really hadn’t been excited about the Olympics. At all. Which is strange, seeing as throughout school I was a dedicated athlete, representing school and club in a number of different disciplines, loving every minute of it.

I hadn’t actually thought about the athletic side of things at all (a signficant oversight, I know). Instead, I’ve been dreading the tube over-crowding, the traffic, the disruption. I’d been thinking about the added security, the safety concerns. I guess I’d become a cynic.

And then I watched this:

Denise Lewis, one of Team GB’s legendary competitors, talking about just how much the British support means to those athletes. How the swell of the crowd chanting their name lifts them up. How being here, in London, will make performances better; will give those athletes, who have sweated blood and tears, that edge, that hint of a home advantage. And I swelled with pride, knowing how many years how many sacrifices, how much joy, heartache, pain, determination, love and anxiety have gone into these guys training.

And I thought YES. The Olympics is coming to our home town. The biggest sporting event IN THE WORLD is going to be on my doorstep.

I’m getting behind Team GB this Summer.

Are you?

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