Wish You Were There? Grab some Winter Sun with a Mediterranean Cruise (47% off!)

This weekend has been absolutely GORGEOUS in London, with some of the best weather we’ve seen all year, and evening skies that take your breath away. Like this one.

It’s all due to change this week though, so chances are that’s the last bit of sun for us until next year. Unless of course you decide to book yourself some winter sun.

I’m lucky enough to be heading off to Paxos in a week or so, but still can’t help but flick through holiday sites, looking for inspiration and ideas for my next trips. I’m a true travel junkie and never happy unless I have a flight booked, or a new dream destination. And I’m like a small child on Christmas Eve any time I get a new stamp in my passport. So many memories come along with those blurry inky marks.

So, as the weekend fades and we look forward (!) to more rain, I thought I’d share a couple of gorgeous holidays I’ve seen at ridiculously discounted prices, in case you decide you want to get away between now and Christmas.

Five-night Mediterranean cruise

A 5 night cruise, visiting Barcelona, Mallorca, Savona, Corsica and Marseille – amazing. Prices start at just £349 per person, which is 48% off the brochure price and includes flights, all meals, a choice of cabins and five fantastic calling points. It’s a tour of some uber-glamorous locations and the best thing is, you don’t need to pack and unpack at each one, as you stay on board the boat which is as luxurious as you could wish for and fully equipped with everything you need.

Now – I wouldn’t do a Caribbean 3 week cruise at this point in my life as I think I’d go stir crazy – but 5 nights at sea, when the weather will still be pleasant and you get to people watch in Marseille, swim in clear blue waters in Corsica, take in the simply stunning architecture in Barcelona or visit the old town in Palma. Sounds pretty damn special to me.









Looks fabulous, doesn’t it? Barcelona and Palma are two of my favourite cities, and you could hardly get a weekend at either for £349 – which makes it well worth the trip. If I wasn’t already spending a weekend in Cornwall with friends in November, I’d have booked this straight away. And yes – the weather should be plenty warm enough for T-shirts and shorts – I often head off to the Med in November and it’s lovely. BLISS.

Click here if you’re tempted by this, or any one of the 20 or so offers they have at the moment, to everywhere from the Lake District to Thailand. I bloody love holidays.

If you do consider booking, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll be insanely jealous!



(PS: There’s also a 10 night version from just £399, if you fancy that instead.)





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