WIWIW…How to Do Shorts in Summer, and it doesn't involve showing too much!

Why is it, when the sun comes out, bottom cheeks and bra straps seem to automatically follow?

So far today, there have been numerous sightings of overexposure in Central London, and we’ve all agreed. These people need to be stopped!



There really is no excuse for baring too much flesh. The old adage, less is more, really does apply, unless you are somewhere bikini appropriate. There are so many beautiful styles of shorts out there, you can easily find a pair to suit your style and shape. Daisy Dukes just will not do!

I’m working from home today, with a few meeting scheduled later on, so I will be wearing a pair of shorts of a respectable length, when I head into the sunshine later. However, if I were to have my choice of any outfit available today? This is what I would be wearing…

How to do Summer Shorts...

Stylish, Cool and with a striking colour that just SCREAMS summer!

I absolutely love this look. Todays “What I Wish I Wore” Stocksits are:

  1. Diane Von Furstenberg Boymuda Shorts | £245 | Selfridges
  2. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather tote | £2655 | Net-a-Porter
  3. Camilla Skovgaard Morlun tractor platform sandals | £330 | Selfridges
  4. Mason Washed Silk Cami | Net-a-Porter | £155
  5. Tom Ford Sunglasses | £193 |

Grand Total? £3578.

OK, so it’s not exactly realistic for most of us. But you can recreate the look for MUCH less…just take a look on sites such as ASOS, Miss Selfridge and Top Shop, and you can create a similar style…for a fraction of the cost!

Style for Less Stockists:

  1. Smart Shorts | £16 | ASOS
  2. Leather Bag | £70 | ASOS
  3. Lemon Dip Back Vest | £16 | Miss Selfridge
  4. ALDO Platform Shoes | Was £70, Now £52.50 | ASOS
  5. Cats Eye Tortoisehell Shades | Was £12, Now £6 | Miss Selfridge

Grand Total? £160.50. Much more acceptable for most of us. And still VERY sexy.


You can also find a pair of shorts to suit just about every shape over at The Outnet, for really reasonable discounted prices. No excuses, ladies. Keep your private parts private, OK?!


What do you think? Better than butt cheeks?!


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