The Working Girls Survival Guide…by MSalonen

Dear Working Girls.

The other day I was having few drinks with my favourite girls. We are SO like SATC…except none of us are that successful in our chosen careers (YET), we don’t have rooms full of killer heels or designer clothes (apart from me of course) and we don’t all have a Mr Big (again, I got lucky). Also, mostly because we live in London, not NYC.

Anyhow, we started talking about finding that elusive work/life balance. I’ve heard this all a thousand times before; I mean really, obviously it’s difficult to balance your life, when you work 70hrs a week, fit the gym in every morning, try to see your friends, keep your relationship going (or find one in the first place)…and of course you ladies have your biological clock tick-tocking away and spend the rest of your minutes day-dreaming about babies and houses in the country. I know how it is. I just get bored of hearing it.

I voiced my opinion about this repeated conversation always going around in circles – and unfortunately my comments were not well received. I got daggers and felt the need to run before a Primark heel was imbedded in my forehead. After the dust settled, I realised my girls needed something to help them get through these tough times. It hit me. They need a survival guide.

And who better to write one than me?

So, here you have it, my “Working Girls Survival Guide”. With these items, your life will become a lot easier to manage. I promise.

1. Blackberry Torch 9800 (price depending on network and contract)

The first thing every career girl needs a brilliant phone. I know what you are all thinking – the iPhone, right? Well, I have some news for you. The iPhone is great, I can’t deny that, but it does have it’s faults. So I will throw the brand new Blackberry Torch 9800 into the mix as another option. I have been a BIG fan of Blackberry for years. I had one of the first ones, with the side bar, that made it impossible to use. However, RIM has come a long way since then and the newest offering is really quite something special. Touch screen AND full QWERTY keyboard all hidden under the slide. This is great news for those who are wary of a touch screen only option. Like myself. I always thought that my typing skills would be put to the test with a touch screen, so thought it would be nice to have a proper keyboard too.

Enter the Torch. I won’t go into too much detail, as you can all read my full review on our “Geek Chic” column very soon. However, what I will say is this. AMAZEBALLS! I have had the pleasure of using my new Torch for a few weeks now and don’t quite know how I ever got anything done without it. It looks great – a snazzy little number. The touch screen is sensitive enough not to drive you nuts and the keyboard is there as a backup, should you need/want it. The 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash has become very handy when taking “secret” pictures of fashion disasters. The new operating system is easy to navigate and a pleasure to work with. This phone is truly a smart one. All I will say is that while the iPhone is great for play at the weekends – the Blackberry Torch will take you from Monday to Friday…then straight through the weekend too. It is a fun phone that will keep you entertained, plus get the job done. Please refer to the full review, or if you are already sold (as you should be), head to for great deals and quick delivery, so you too can start salivating…

2. Smoky, sultry, smoldering set by Bobbi Brown £75

I have a personal vendetta with most girls and their makeup. The usual story, put on lip gloss and then throw it in the bag. Eww. Luckily so many of you have now invested in a proper make-up bag. That’s a start. The working girl needs a palette that will do everything. It can be annoying carrying around all sorts of items, especially when you change your bag according to your outfit. I am sure you all spend a good half an hour looking for that lip-gloss and that eye shadow. Totally wasting precious time. So first thing….buy a good make up bag, that has internal zips (Bobbi Brown does great simple ones) to store all your crap. Secondly, throw away everything that is old. Thirdly, clean your brushes. Once that’s done, move onto the next step and buy the working girls must have face palette; “Smoky, Sultry Smoldering” from Bobbi Brown. It seriously has everything you need, four different eye shadows, blush, lip gloss and lip color, full size mascara and three brushes. If this doesn’t make sense, then nothing will. Keep it all in the patent bag that comes with and you are always good to go. The only extra thing you need is a tinted moisturizer. WIN! Get it now!

3. Crème de le Mer, The Refining Facial £61

Working 70hrs per week, drinking every night, smoking far too much and not getting anywhere near enough sleep. Sound familiar? Does your face look little grey? Even after you have applied foundation and bronzer? You need serious help and this little white tube is a miracle worker. I don’t use mine that often as it’s so very special (plus I have a great complexion).

But on those mornings that I feel like death, I reach for this. It should be in every bathroom around the globe, it’s that good. You are paying big money, true, but it’s for an amazing product. I would stongrly advise adding this to your wish list for birthday or Christmas. Whichever comes sooner.

4. Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder £27.50

There should always be time to wash your hair, but I have learnt that sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do the entire process;  washing, drying and styling ones hair. When the shit hits the hair and you have 32 seconds to fix it. This is the trick. Hair powder. Totally superb invention. When I had my longer locks, I would often use a dry shampoo to freshen it up and this Bumble and Bumble is far above the rest. It also comes in different shades according to your hair color. Totally genius invention. Loves it.

5. Mulberry Bayswater for 13” Macbook £795

Brilliant. Mulberry have edited their iconic Bayswater to fit your Macbook 13” perfectly. It even has a padded section to keep your kit safe. I kind of wish I could get away with one, as men’s laptop bags are hideous…but for now I’ll keep throwing mine in my YSL bag and hoping for the best. The best thing about this particular bag is that its classic and you do not need to carry it with just your laptop. Perfect for everyday use. Plus its Mulberry, which is important. Trust me.

6. Stylist magazine and online £FREE

If I had to pick one magazine for the working girl to read, there is no doubt what I would pick. It should be Stylist. Stylist has changed my commute forever, so much so that when they went on a two week holiday, I was distraught. Now in its second year it has gone from strength to strength. There has never been a magazine quite like it and best of all its free AND you can read the issues online too. Totally cool and necessary for all your girls out there. You get fashion, beauty, travel etc. Plus their “this weeks must have’s” is genuinely the best list in town. They know their specific areas extremely well – it should really be called “This Week’s Survival Guide”.

Right, these six things should get you started. I could go on and add shoes (but you have already seen my shoe pieces, and there will be more), I could add jacket and so forth, but if you look at my older posts, there is plenty of stuff to choose from. If you need any more assistance, please get in touch.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Survivor, Msalonen

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    October 21, 2010 at 11:04 am

    A survival guide! LOVE IT!! H xxx

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    Well, I was hoping you would. x

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