XFFFO (X-Factor Fashion Face Off!)

The UK is under Xfactor spell again, and as much as I enjoy the drama of the live shows, the all singing, all dancing monkeys, my real focus is on Dannii and Cheryl. The fashion war has truly started and I have decided to introduce this post to talk about the fashion on the show. I am only going to concentrate on the judges as its way more exciting.

ROUND 1 : Weekend of 9th and 10th of October.

It’s nerve racking as the show starts, the game is on and our two favorite judges have been planning these outfits for weeks. This is where the competition really starts. The ladies are plucked, tanned, quaffed and ready to roll. The doors open and before I even know it, they are standing there. Ready to be judged. By ME.

Saturday – Live show

Dannii – She walked to the stage in a white lacy dress that made her look like a goddess. She really looked like an Australian screen siren. Also, loving her aussie accent, its much stronger now. Anyway, they dress. Divine. The shoulder detail, length and shape. It was all working for Miss Minogue. Loved her hair, very clean make up and the red lips. Totally rocked every box in my book. A

Cheryl – LBD. I mean really, surely she could have chosen something little more special for the first live show. Her hair is looking particularly shit too, which really doesn’t help. It’s too long and too thick. Looked like a horse’s tail attached to the back of her head. The dress was ok, nothing wrong about it, but just so boring. Her makeup was gorgeous, good job. The tan and / or bronzer was too yellow.  She looked a little “rinsed”. Thank god she is a stunning girl. B+

Sunday – Results show

Dannii – Please all stand up and welcome the prom queen. This is not a sarcastic comment. I LOVED her look. Keep it simple in a black dress, that accentuates all her best parts, the teeny waist and the “ladies”. Again with the natural make up, although the hair threw me a little, but she can be forgiven. It’s like Dannii knows she is the older judge and she is playing the part. Grown up dresses, not too heavy on the makeup and keeping it all very clean and simple. Suits her perfectly. A+.

Cheryl – HELLO WATFORD! Dear, Cheryl. What the hell were you thinking? Grey mini dress with lace? Really? Cheryl, have we not learned anything?

Granted, she does have amazing legs, but why were they covered in baby oil? STOP rinsing that girl in oil and tan. The dress wasn’t a bad shape, it was just wrong in so many ways. Lace should be left for GaGa, or curtains. I am sure it’s a very expensive dress, but I bet I could find something very similar in some cheap & nasty shop in Soho. C

Round 1 winner? Dannii Minogue!

ROUND 2 : Weekend of 16th and 17th October

Saturday – Live Show

Dannii – AMAZEBALLS! I don’t say that often, but Miss Minogue deserves all the credit I can give her.

Her VB gown suited her down to a T. It is true what Mrs Beckham says, her dresses work on any shape – even on the mini Minogue. Sensational. Clean, simple and neutral. The bronzed smoky eye works perfectly on her complexion. Hair was sophisticated, looking very much like a judge (if a judge is seen as smoking hot Australian Mom). The only thing I would have added was a little stain on the lip. That would have not gone a miss. A+

Cheryl – Firstly, someone needs to tie her hands together in the future. Clearly she was bored alone at home, and decided that using a box color from Boots to dye her hair would be a great idea (L’Oreal 588, mahogany). It was not. I have not seen that shade of red in a hair in a long long time – and there is a perfectly good reason for it. The hair put me off, but the make up on her eyes was lovely. The lip however was too orangey pink, not a fan.

At first I wasn’t sure if she was wearing a dress or a pantsuit. It turned out to be a pantsuit, unfortunately. There was a flap of fabric loose in the front, a bow, little straps. It was all just overkill. Her shoes were not helping either. Seriously.

One good statement about the outfit, her jewellery is always lovely. If not a little Pat Butcher. C+

Sunday – Results show

They both opted for black, is it a rule on a Sunday? Bored.

Dannii – She walks out to the stage comfortable, sexy and owns the entire stage. Which is difficult to do with Simon standing few feet away.  Her dress highlighted the post baby curves to perfection. Velvet, sheerness, belt and some sort of pussy bow under her neck. It was all working for me quite nicely. Loving the fact that they are keeping her hair and make up simple. She looks like a grown woman – knows what suits her and is sticking to it. Good. A fashion Guru in making.

I am taking a point away from looking a little like a school teacher. A hot teacher, but still…At a Prom dance, making sure the kids don’t make out in the corners, meanwhile playing tongue tennis with the handy man after some spiked punch. A-

Cheryl – Miss Tweedy/Cole. I don’t know what I am going to do with you. Seriously. Are they trying to make you look like you are going out on the pull in Liverpool on a Friday night?! If so, they are doing a great job. You would pull all sorts of boys dressed like this. UGH! The dress wasn’t all bad, the length was fine, the shape was fine(ish), however not impressed with velvet and pleats together and as for the cut out at the front? Not Amazeballs. Also – shoes with buckles up to your high ankle make your legs look short and stumpy (I never noticed that she has thick ankles before. Did you?)  Great make up again, but still trying to rock the mahogany hair. No no no.

This is coming across quite harsh, but I feel that this is the only way to make a change happen. The change is going to come. I am waiting. C-

In other news, Katie Perry rocked the stage, even if her singing was a touch off-key. Ooops. I don’t always agree with her choice in hair colors or outfit, however, she is forgiven as I know how good she can look when she gets it right.

Diana Vickers pulled out all the stops (well, tried to) with her Ringmaster inspired look. The pink lip made her look like a blowup doll, plus seems that she had borrowed Cheryl’s hair piece from last week, dipped it in bleach and attached it to her neck. I would not advice you to try this at home.

Round 2 winner? Dannii Minogue!

I am hoping Miss Tweedy/ Cole will impress me next week. Here’s hoping that the mahogany hair is gone. That would be a start at least.


Round 3 :  Weekend of 23rd and 24th of October

Saturday – Live Show

Dannii – Blue gorgeousness. Dannii walked out to the stage, demanding attention and respect. Someone is working the fashion magic on her and she is becoming one of my style icons. Truly. The shade of blue made her skin glow, her hair was in a little chic up do. Natural make up (again). Only thing I will say is that maybe she could thrown in something new. We have now done the “grown-up-glamour” look for three weeks. Something different would be good – or maybe I am just full of horseshit. Maybe she knows what suits her and is sticking to her guns. Whatever. Go Dannii! LOVES IT. B+

Cheryl – I am thinking that Cheryl’s brief for her stylist is “Look as cheap as I can”. The red hair color is helping on that front. Still really not liking the mane. It’s too long. The color is revolting and looks as if it was done in a hurry.

The dress wasn’t all that bad, nice tone of peach, but I didn’t like the cut outs. We all know your body is amazing CC (at least when you dress properly), but cut outs are nearly always cheap looking. We want better from you please. B

Sunday – Results Show

Dannii – Another prom type dress? Really? Didn’t we have this last week? Yes, this dress is little different, its floral. But the prom theme continues.

I wasn’t feeling her hair on Sunday either, it looked a bit undone and not in a good way. I totally get where she was going with the outfit, just didn’t quite work. Lucky I still had the memory of the previous night embedded in my forehead. C

Cheryl – Miss Cole had not one, but two opportunities this Sunday to impress me. #FAIL.

I think she is reading this every week and now she is on a mission to see if she can really piss me off. She’s getting there. Why otherwise would she choose a dress made out of foil? Really? Shiny, short and tight. Is she trying to become the new face of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil? Don’t even get me started on the shoes. We discussed this last week – no big ankle buckles please, especially not with a short dress. Makes her legs look like sausages. C+

Her “live” performance outfit didn’t win many points either. I was hoping they would have dyed her hair on the commercial break. Didn’t happen. Shame.

I really hope she learns to cover up the tattoos on her legs. Such a pretty girl, with usually great hair and most often the entire look is messed up with her awful tattoos. Cheap and nasty. I am concerned that she is trying to become a zebra or Beyonce. Her shoes made me vomit a little. UGH. D

Round 3 winner :  Dannii Minogue, again. SIGH.


Round 4 : Weekend of 30th and 31st October

I was expecting something amazing as it was Halloween and all. Safe to say one of the ladies impressed me with her choices…and the other had me screaming for bloody murder.

Saturday – Live Show

Dannii – VA VA VOOM! Anyone? The lady is wearing red and looking RED HAWT! Her body is insane. Seriously. This Marchesa dress was clearly sown into her curves. Totally amazing. Totally “popping”. 100% style icon. High hair (the higher the hair the closer you are to God, if you didn’t know). Great ruffles, I am in total awe. LOVE IT! A

Cheryl – Mesh? Pleats? Rolling red hair? Really? Cheryl, I am starting to think you are in fact trying to dress badly, to piss me off? You read my post last week and now you are out to make me vom with your wardrobe. Enough. Please don’t mix white mesh and pleats. We really need to sort out that ribena hair and remember that shoes with ankle stuff do not suit your legs. Never again. I am asking nicely! C

Sunday – Results Show

Dannii – I think Dannii was trying to do little Halloween type thing…a single batwing type creation. Like she wanted to walk to the stage wearing a bat woman outfit, but then chickened out 5min before show time. Instead she opted for this black sparkly dress. Now, I am not a big fan of sparkles in a woman over the age of 14, but this dress isn’t too over the top, so I will allow it. It’s a little too “big” looking. Like its half a size too big, but I do like it. Teamed up with the sleek hair, natural make up. Its nearly all working again for Miss Minogue. B+

Cheryl – I feel that she came in costume. She is clearly dressed as a Quality Street candy. Kudos for the shape of the skirt though, it suits her, but the color should be left to kindergarten.  The top is clearly a shirt that she is wearing upside down. Clearly. Bet you she wears it again next week, the right way. Now, I know I should stop this…I am being mean. But I can’t help it – I am really not impressed. Her lip color wasn’t right either. Hair was better than Saturday, but as it was still red, it made me want to hurl. B-

Round 4 winner, Dannii Minogue (surprise!)


Round 5 : Weekend of the 6th and 7th of November

This week was “American Anthems” (which last time I checked “Nothing Compares To You” was not) AND it seems that it was also “Spray Tan” week. Everyone looked a little healthier. Plus bonus was that the boys hands matched their faces! It was starting to get a little distracting with different color faces and hands. Also, Cheryl Cole, are you reading my blog as you were quoted this week admitting that your styling SUCKS and Dannii is winning. I was eager to see if you had improved!

Saturday Live Show

Dannii – She walked on to the stage all dressed up like a Christmas present! The bow was a little over kill to be honest, 12 inches too big. However, if you are planning to be unwrapped then she got it totally right! Who knows. The dress had a slight sheen to it, which was welcomed as otherwise it may have looked a little “mom-next-door-seducing-plumber”. Her eyes looked a little tired, perhaps the baby is keeping her awake at night. Loving the short hair on her, bringing out her features. Also extremely glad that she is keeping the puppies wrapped up (get it?). Again, the gorgeous simple make up. Love it. B-

Cheryl – Hair is STILL red. Cheryl, really? It did seem slightly darker this week, maybe a darker rinse of mahogony? Wonder what her new color is doing to the red hair dye market? She also seemed to have a little tiny dead furry animal stuck to her head. Is it stuck on with superglue? I am intrigued! The LBD was gorgeous. Like her in short fun dresses (but only if the shoes work). It was a good effort, much welcome change of pace after the disasters of the past weeks. It wasnt something amazing, but its a start! B+ (omg, I just ranked Cheryl higher than Dannii)

Other Fashion News:

Wagner, really? Seriously? Katie’s wig has eaten her own hair and she is now being molested by acrylic hair. Rebecca’s dress made my eyes water for all the right reasons. Matt, clearly his stylist is blind. They should be shot in the knee. Cher looked cheap, enough said.

Sunday Results Show

Dannii – LOVING the red lip. Her make up artist always gets it right when doing her red lips. Just the perfect shade for her. Brightens up her entire face. Great with the simple eyes. Adore. Her dress was a lovely little black number, although possibly a little too demure. Dannii, you’ve got some good stuff going under there, give us a little flash of it every so often! It was “nice”. Not earth shattering. Shame. B

Cheryl – There was only a illusion of a dress as clearly she was naked. I swear I could see her mango when the light was behind her. Ewww. No one needs to see her vjay-jay. If wearing nude dresses, make sure your body rocks (hers does), but for the love of god, keep your legs together if you must be behind a light. The dress is gorgeous, but would have been SO much better in a different colour – like navy blue. Hair is STILL red and her make up artist is apparently stuck in the same routine. Or they did her make up in the beginning of the series and she has not washed since. Go figure. C

Kylie – The lady in red ruled, her hair is goddess like, make up immaculate and her moves were very Tina Turner like. She looked amazing. Only one “minus”. Her cheeks are looking very plump and eyes are narrowing..hmmm. Did we have little something done, Miss Minogue?

Round 5 Winner – Dannii – but only just!


The Weekend of 13th and 14th of November

What wonders would “Elton John” Week bring? I was expecting shine, glitter, sparkles and lots of pink. Luckily for me, my leading ladies did not go that route. Phew.

Saturday Live Show

Dannii – WOW! Snowy Goddess. Unreal. Totally gorgeous dress yet again. The turquoise earrings were the cherry on that cake, making her face features pop and she looked ravishing. Dont even get me started on her hair. She is working the up do’s like a total pro. Floaty sophisticated gorgeousness. Bravo. A-

Cheryl – Firstly, why does she have something purple on her lower lids? Did she mistake her eye liner with her crayon? Seriously distracting, her entire make up was totally thrown by the purple. Wrong wrong wrong. Her dress was lovely. Shame she bought it when she was still size 2 and had malaria. It was too small. Her puppies were screaming to get out, plus she had that ugly armpit vagina! Ewww. The hair plait? Are we on national TV or going out on a Friday night in Liverpool? She looked ridicilous. End of. I am going to remove her from the building! F

Sunday Results Show

Dannii – I am a lion (wait snow leopard), hear me ROAR! Her body rocked in this dress. Quiff by Msalonen (she is clearly following MY lead). I also think she is reading my XFFFO, as she keeps amazing me. Truly. I may have said that she was a little too demure last week. I now know why. She was saving it for this week. Awesome. A

Cheryl – I thought Minnie Mouse was walking to the stage. What happened to her hair? Is she now transforming into a cartoon character? Quite frankly, that might be better than the recent fashion disasters. I take full responsibility if she walks out in costume next week. She is little more orange too. Hmmmm. The dress looked great when she walked out in the smoke. Closer inspection, slut-town. One nice thing, good red lip. I am starting to lose faith. C

Round 6 winner – Dannii Minogue (total whitewash?!)

The weekend of 20th and 21st November.

Beatles week. Yawn! Why? It’s never good. I was hoping something exciting would happen after the hideous Elton John week, but no. The only thing I got was Katie’s new haircut. Which by the way is the worst haircut ever. She may have done it herself. Shame she didn’t take an inch off that chin. Anyway, let’s get started.

Saturday – Live Show

Dannii – Halter neck divineness. She looked really sweet. Effortlessly classic. Another hit from Ms Minogue. I recently read an article in one of weekly mags, that this year she isn’t spending that much time in planning her outfit. Apparently last year she knew weeks ahead what she was going to be wearing. Clearly this is working for her. Over thinking your wardrobe just leads to disasters (case in point, Miss Cheryl Cole). Nothing about this was boring. Simple, stunning. Perfect little number. Class act. B

Cheryl – I am sorry but here is the biggest scoop of the year. Cheryl is actually in process of filming a updated version of Mad Max. She is playing Auntie Entity and this time the movie is based around the slums of Liverpool. Auntie Entity is on a mission to stop teenage pregnancies. Cheryl unfortunately ran out of time to change between filming the movie and X Factor, hence the costume. This is my story and I am sticking to it. Also, her hair is too long. This is due to personal problems, not the movie. D

Sunday – Results Show

Dannii – She was clearly feeling a little Spanish on Sunday night. Loves the dress. That little belt around her mini waist was the icing on the cake. Usually I am not a big fan of tiered dresses, however on Miss Minogue, it worked. Couldn’t really see her shoes (shame), but I think there was something black velvety going on. Hmmm. Starting to get a little bored of her hair. Can’t really blame her for it thou, she is a working mother and short hair must be much easier, right? She has had some amazing hair weeks, Sunday wasn’t one of them. Have to admit, after having little baby and becoming a mother, Dannii seems to have found her style. She has not failed me once. Not once. We all know I can’t say that about Miss Cole. UGH. B+

Cheryl – As the doors opened, I said “ooooh”. I was really hoping I would be able to give Cheryl an A….or an A+ even. Sadly this isn’t going to happen. PAH! First thing that I noticed was that it seems that she was wearing pole-dancing Stripper shoes. I know she is something like 5’3, so every inch helps, plus the dress was most likely too long for her to start with. However, Perspex shoes should be left for drag queens and working girls. I should know, I have paraded around Greenwhich in my 9 inch heels many times. The dress had potential, gorgeous white gown, but then I saw the gold mesh looking fabric underneath. Trashtown! I actually think that she was wearing a gold mesh mini under the white gown, (which she possibly took the scissors to in a moment of panic when she saw her hair?). She was clearly trying to avert my eyes off the dress with her earrings, that were equally hideous. Shame. C

Round 7 winner – Dannii Minogue (I have given up on Miss Cole, sadly)

Weekend of 27th and 28th of November.

Ooooh, the week before the semi final. This is getting exiting. Truly. Not only because the competition is getting tough, but because it has now been confirmed that Dannii has already won the XFFFO 2010. There is nothing left for Cheryl to do. But since I am fair, I am going to keep going. Hell, I might even let Cheryl win one week. Why not? Actually why should I? She has done nothing to impress me yet. Wait, was there one dress I actually liked? Unfortunately for her, ever since she went mahogany, it was game over. I cant take anyone seriously with hair like that.

However, more celebrations for Dannii in due course. Let’s get on with this week! Wooohooo!

Saturday – Live Show

Dannii – Bored of her hair. It’s the same every week. Let’s add something to it. Make it longer, make it bigger. Bigger is always better. Am I right? Love the color of the dress, very Xmas themed, which is only fair as that damn holiday is only a month away. UGH! However, seems that Dannii too had some trouble getting into the studio. The dress looks a little broken. Good effort, although next time, please do not get into a fight with the nanny 10min before show time. Thank you kindly. B

Cheryl I just noticed that she has odd knees. Another reason why she shouldn’t wear SHORT dresses. As she walked onto the stage I screamed in delight – her hair is shorter. YEAY! Seems that she has been reading my comments. Plus the red has been toned down. This pleases me beyond imagination. I am seeing that beautiful girl again from under that wall of hair. So, yes it all started really well. Her hair is better, make up looked stunning. However, the dress. It looked a little damaged. Like she ran through barbed wire to get to the show. Was she running away from her band mates? Maybe Nicola has finally  started to get violent? Must investigate. Solid effort, I am happy that she now IS trying at least. B+ (Quite proud of her)

Sunday – Results Show

Dannii –  VA VA VOOM! Loves it. She clearly listened of me being bored of her hair. Stunning. Make up is kept simple and she looks just amazing. Loving the dress. Plus she is clearly going to win anyone round with those heels. Have you seen them? She is on stilts. Girl after my own heart. The gold belt adds a little something extra to the outfit. She is my hero. Truly. I could keep going on and on, but shall not. This outfit needs no words. A.

Cheryl –  Hello ladybird! Right, now I am starting to believe that she CAN look amazing again. Her hair is lovely, make up is stunning and the dress is pushing all my buttons. She looks incredible. Thank you Cheryl for finding your inner Style Icon. You are back, welcome!  I now cant wait what she does for next week, I am thinking it is going to be amazing. Very happy right now. A+

Nicole – Dirty dirty dirty. I loved it. She came out dressed in very little and high heels. Whats not to like. She must be a FIREBALL in bed.

Round 8 Winner – Cheryl Cole! (she is now finally trying)

The weekend of 4th and 5th of December

SEMIFINAL! Woohooo! Can you believe that we are this far already? Next week we have another winner who will disappear into the woods in no time. How exciting! Semifinals are always great. To see someone’s dreams crushed at the last hurdle. Amazing. I wasn’t too keen on the performing monkeys, as they are all annoying me now. However, as the show is almost over, I was eager to see what was going to happen on the fashion front.

Saturday  – Live show

Dannii – Seems that she has a small bird snuggled up on her shoulder. LOVE it. This flowing nude gown was pure perfection. As I mentioned I was starting to get a little bored with her hair, not anymore! The little added piece on the ponytail was great. We didn’t get many shots of her hair from the back and we should have. It was amazing. They are still keeping her makeup very simple, which works beautifully. Eyebrows are rocking my world. Bravo Dannii. No reason to let your fashion fall with the contestants. A-

Cheryl – Hmmm. Clearly this dress was made in her dressing room. They took 100 large napkins and some glue and started to piece the dress together. Obviously. They had to add the belt as it was falling to pieces. She didn’t move much as she was too scared that it would all just fall to bits. Awesome shoes thoand loving the red lip. Slightly concerned about her bronzer. She quite clearly lost a fight with her makeup bag. AWFUL.  Hair up, very nice. She is still trying and deserves points for that. If nothing else. B

Sunday – Result show

Dannii – AMAZEBALLS! This is seriously my fav look of the season. I don’t know how she is going to top this come next week. This very lady like Jasper Conran dress suits her like a body glove. Black, lacy etc. Effortless ladylike glam. The belt is nicely shaping her teeny waist and keeping it all under control. I am normally not a huge fan of see thru dresses, but on this occasion it does work. She had crazy curls, J’adore. Plus very simple pumps. I heart this. Love it. A+. Total winner.

Cheryl – Now this dress could have worked. Could have. I like the top half of it. Gorgeous. I like the bottom half too. But the trail, really? Cheryl? Really? It was just too much. Ridic. Was it a long gown and she took scissors to it? Must be. Also, the red lip is back, which is great, but not two nights in a row. Boring. BORED I tell you. I have been looking at the pic of her for the past 10min and trying to come up with something nice to say. I have failed. Cheryl has failed. C

Semi-Final Winner? Quite Clearly Miss Minogue!

The Weekend of 10th & 11th of December

FINAL! Woohoooo! Well, I write this with a slight sadness. I have been writing about the ladies choices for what…10 weeks now and this will be the last post on this weekly column. Now what? I would really like some suggestions from you, my dearest readers of what I shall do next? I have few ideas, but a new weekly piece that you would be interested to read would be great. Let’s think. If you have any thoughts, please email us on and we will do our best to bring those dreams to life! Right, so the week was filled with hype of who is going to win, who has slept with who and who’s Grandma was a hooker. I kind of lost interest in the singing a loooong time ago, they are just performing monkeys, right? Credit to Matt tho, he deserved to win, even if I personally liked Rebecca better. The odd thing was, I really wanted to Rebecca to win, but not Cheryl. Her fashion choices have put me off her..most likely forever. Bless her for trying. Goodbye.

X-Factor Press Conference (I think it was on Thursday, who knows)

I am only bringing this to your attention as it was the run up for the last show and Dannii and Cheryl should have been preparing to bring out the big guns for the weekend.

Dannii – SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I mean seriously. As I clicked down on the website and saw this, my jaw literally dropped. Hello Lady Minogue. Now, clearly Dannii understood the importance of the press conference. She has an act that she is supporting all the way. One way of staying on the paper is wearing a red dress to die for. She looks effortless, ladylike like royalty, which I guess after this weekend she has now gone from Kylie’s little sister to an A-lister to her own credit. Kylie may be the international superstar, but Dannii is my style icon. (I am sure Kylie is most upset over this). A+

Cheryl – OPEN THE FRONT DOOR and let her keep walking. There was a miscommunication at Cheryl’s camp of what this press conference could do if handled properly. She walks in wearing lettings (leather leggings), some god awful sparkly top and a leather jacket that makes her look chubby. NOT a big fan of the shoes either. Cheryl, seriously. Even the hair doesn’t quite look right. No no no. This outfit may have worked in the days of Girls Aloud, but now you are supposed to be a respected judge of a circus. I rest my case and I really hope I never see that jacket again even if it means spooning my own eyes out. D

Saturday 11th – Live Show.

Dannii – Most likely the most important night of the series, the final show down. Well, actually not. Since they decided to stretch the Xfactor final out over the entire weekend, this was the first of the two important nights. Dannii walked out in a sheer red dream. She looked like a long stemmed red rose. You know the ones, the fancy blooms that cost £13 for one. Unreal. A little belt to showcase that teeny post baby waist. Her hair was sophisticated,make up natural. She looked fresh, like a true fashion icon. It was a great way to show everyone what she is made of. She meant business, in a very ladylike way. The shape of the dress is giving me lady wood. A.

Cheryl – I am sorry, but with her hair like that, I couldnt take anything she said seriously. Revolting. We all run out of time to do our hair on occasions, but if you havent got time to wash your hair before the Xfactor final, then you should have sent in a hairdouble to get on with it. Better yet, wear a wig, or shave it all off and start a new trend. Oh bummer, Britney got there first. To be honest, for her to get the red tint out of her mane may require shaving. That Minnie Mouse style few weeks back was better than this one. Enough said. Dress was ok. Nothing special. Shame. C

Sunday 12th – Results

Dannii – Statuesque. Incredible. I mean the detailing on this dress is just amazing. Not usually keen on silver-sheen, but with her skin tone, the dark red lip and hair in a high bun, this was sensational. She really took my breath away. Dannii was ready to pull out every stop to get to the top spot and may I say, she has arrived for good. I am speechless for all the right reasons. Thank you Dannii for making this years X-Factor such a pleasure to watch. You worked it out every single week. Permanently my Style Queen. A+

Cheryl – Seriously? Really? Cheryl, please. Now the top part of the dress is lovely, a great shape which shows off her teeny figure to perfection. From the waist down it all goes to crap…and only because its organza. Cheap sweaty material that should not be worn under any circumstances. She also looks like a rose, if you turn her upside down. However, she looks like a rose from LIDL. Not great. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much of her. She has disappointed me continuously with her choices and I seriously think her stylist is blind. Dear Cheryl, I really hope you find your inner fashionista very soon, as I am depressed that you went from being amazing last year to being plain ordinary this year. Shame on you. C

On other news. Rihanna performed naked and Christina Aguilera has put on four stone. Shame on both.

Final round winner – Dannii Minogue (no surpises)

XFactor has come to an end and with it XFFFO will be put to bed (until next year of course). I have had a ball commenting on the fashion this year and I do hope you have all enjoyed reading my ramblings. I will now think about something new to keep you lot entertained on weekly basis. Thanks for reading.

I am crowning Dannii as the winner of XFactor Fashion Face Off. Congratulations.

Game over.


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    I don’t really watch the Xfactor but love your blog! And agreed – Danni got it right this weekend

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    October 18, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    l always much prefer Dannii (obviously). Cheryl just comes across as chavtastic. After all these years in the public eye I don’t see how she will change now if nobody has managed to do it yet…unless of course YOU offer your services? x

  • Reply
    rachael ev
    October 26, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    i just don’t understand why chez looks so cheap and tacky, she has two freaking stylists for god’s sake. GET NEW ONES!! love this article clean muscly guy xx

  • Reply
    October 27, 2010 at 10:53 am

    I love Chezza, but c’mon the silver tin foil dress was a disaster! Cut your hair (take out your extensions) it is too long and you are not The Little Mermaid. The only person who looks worse than her is Cher. Dannii rocks it every week!

  • Reply
    Susan Perry
    November 17, 2010 at 7:41 am

    Am totally loving this! Dannii looks so great every week and makes it look so effortless, while Cheryl just looks like she’s trying too hard.

    Btw, Nothing Compares To You was written by Prince, hence the connection I guess.

    Can’t wait for Saturday night!


  • Reply
    November 17, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Susan, thank you so much for the comment!! x

  • Reply
    November 17, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    Round 5 – Cheryl results show. This deserves an F not a C!!! I swear I had a dance show outfit made of the same material – cheap nasty and not worthy of x factor!!

  • Reply
    Handyman Services
    November 20, 2010 at 9:56 am

    great article !!

  • Reply
    November 22, 2010 at 8:54 am

    Thanks Handyman!! 🙂

  • Reply
    Susan Perry
    November 22, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Loved Dannii’s tiered dress last night – it was reminiscent of something similar (but shorter) that Coast did in the summer, only theirs was neither belted nor single shoulder x

  • Reply
    November 22, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Love the blog, had me giggling at work.

    Minogue is looking super hot and has it down, but o dear Cole is such a loser.

    Chrissy 🙂

  • Reply
    November 23, 2010 at 8:45 am

    Chrissy, thanks for the comments! Always nice to hear that I make people giggle!! x

  • Reply
    November 24, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    I think its a great take on The X Factor and nice to know fashion does not always have to be taken so seriously or the celebs that are wearing the clothes. x

  • Reply
    hip hop beat maker
    December 6, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Thank you for taking the time to write this post.

  • Reply
    December 10, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Chrissy, people take fashion far too seriously, I am planning to change it all! REVOLUTION! 🙂 x

  • Reply
    Susan Perry
    December 10, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Love it! Can’t wait to see what they wear for the final…. xx

  • Reply
    Neil Penlington
    December 19, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    First of all, if you are reading this comment you will have hopefully just read the most amazing blog by Msalonen. Total genius, I love how it is kept simple but bloody direct. you can see him sitting there getting angrier and madder each week with CC, for not getting it right. you are so spot on with every detail, you are humorous, I also like how you are negative but not in a really bitchy kind of way, though not sure CC would say the same thing.
    As English is not your first language, BRAVO, your use of the English Language is genius (I know I have used this word before)
    You really have to come up with another topic.
    Please send this out to the magazines as you will be picked up immediately.
    Love you and your work
    We need more

  • Reply
    December 20, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Hilarious but totally correct!

    Love it!


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